Many of you probably have heard about the importance of positive emotions in human life. There is recent scientific research showing that people with a positive look on life get sick much less. In order to understand how positive emotions influence the human life, let’s look at the following model. The model is based on the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology. This model shows how the human aura energy field is created and what role positive emotions play in the creation of our human energy shell.

The human brain has zones that are responsible for the functions of certain organs and systems of the human physical body.  The work of the human brain can be compared to the work of a very complicated radar system that receives information (flat parallel cosmic rays) from the surrounding environment, transforms this information into energy and then further into matter. In other words, the work of the human brain creates what we know as our experience of life.

Through human brain – time is transformed into space

Natalia Bekhtereva (Russian neuroscientist and psychologist, Institute for Human Brain)

However, the work of the human heart should not be underestimated. It is a vital organ that has functions beyond simply pumping blood in our veins. Through the work of our heart (and the energy center that is responsible for its work – Heart Chakra) we are able to feel emotions, compassion and Love. The work of the Heart Chakra together with certain human brain zones create the so-called emotional shell. This Human emotional shell lies above the human aura energy field and its main function is to collect and concentrate flat parallel cosmic rays on the crown of our head (Crown Chakra).  Our emotional shell can be best compared to a magnifying green lens (see picture). The size of our emotional shell depends on the amount of positive emotions that we experience. The more positive emotions we experience, the bigger out emotional shell is.

emotional shell and human aura energy field

So when someone is able to treat everything that happens in his or her life with a positive attitude, his or her brain receives more information to process. That information allows the brain to transform it into energy and send it through biologically active points on the human physical body (the points that have been used in eastern medicine practices like acupuncture). That energy is what creates our human aura energy field. The energy junctions of the energy field are also called Chakras. The more energy the human brain can generate to create its human aura energy field, the more stable it is. Stable human aura energy fields ensures protection of the physical body from all kinds of harmful energy-informational influences.

This model describes how the human brain works together with the human heart to make sure we can enjoy our life. The only responsibility that we have is to always keep a positive look on life and make the choices to enjoy life at its fullest.

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