Russell Brand – The only thing that matters to any of us is LOVE

Listen to this compilation of interviews by Russell Brand with an open mind. Try not to get lost in his velocious delivery and really listen to the powerful message he has to give. Russell is passionate about accessing spirituality through meditation and yoga. It is imperative that we take time to experience silence during this current age of distraction. Do you allow your mind to rest? Do you ask questions and silently listen for answers? Because of  our desire for instantaneous information, we stay distracted,  through text messaging, email, social media, and so much more. Russell states, “if you have a sense of yearning or dissatisfaction it could be that your are not looking in the right direction, look within.”

Russell is awake and aware that we are all connected to each other and all things and have a need to feel connected through love, compassion and tolerance. His words empower us to access our limitless and infinite capacity for happiness and love.

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