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MyEmpoweredWorld SUBMISSION Guidelines


MyEmpoweredWorld audience comes here to be uplifted. Thus when thinking of post topics please keep in mind the overarching theme of the page: Empowering. Our tagline is “Transformational Tools for Living.” The objective is to elevate, motivate, and, importantly, inspire. Of course, it doesn’t need to be all flowers, rainbows, and unicorns. In fact, we encourage real, raw, personal stories—your unique experience; how you overcame this obstacle; How you made a difference in the world. We understand that it is sometimes necessary to drag the reader through some negative aspects and drama to help get the point across, just try and define the problem or obstacle in a succinct manner, then quickly turn the focus to the solution. And, of course, be sure to end on a positive note.

If you have expertise in a certain field—share it. “How to” and “Tips and Tricks” posts are well-received by readers.

Here is a quick litmus test for any given submission:

Does the overall tone of your article feel:


Does your article:

offer a possible solution to a problem
only raise awareness of a problem

How does your article begin and end?

on a positive or funny note
on a depressing or negative note

Please be sure that you answer “a” to all three of the above questions before submitting your article.

Bottom line: Focus on the inspiring story, the triumphant overcoming of challenges—the positive.


All submissions, whether you’re a bestselling author or a weekend blogger, will be run through our editorial staff. For the most part, our editors just scan for typos, grammar, and overall style (we adhere to The Chicago Manual of Style). In some cases, our editors will edit out superfluous/redundant words, sentences, and punctuation as necessary to offer our readers a more streamlined, consistent experience. Our editors may also, from time to time, rearrange the structure of the article in order to engage the reader, in which case we will let you know so you can review it, time permitting. We do not review your content substantively to determine accuracy or whether it may contain third party materials; that is your responsibility.


To keep the site real and authentic, please be sure that your content is not a sales pitch or promotion for any specific product or business. Feel free to contact us at if there is a topic you want to run by us.

Please note, your submissions will be subject to our Terms of Use. You are responsible for the content of your submissions and obtaining all necessary permissions from the owners of rights in, and the subjects of, any photos, audio, video, or other content incorporated in your submissions.


400–750 words in length is preferred.
A submission does not guarantee that MyEmpoweredWorld will publish it.
We reserve the right to edit for style as outlined above.
If you’d like to include links, please do, but make sure they are set to open in a new window instead of linking away from Positively Positive.
Feel free to link to a related article on your site at the conclusion of your article. Please do not include a generic line simply to link to your site—for regular contributors we may include your pic and name at the top of each article, where you may link to your site.
Please provide a short bio at the end of the blog with your proper handles hyperlinked (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, website).


For a visual reference, visit our video page  to see videos that have already been published.

Submissions should be up to 3 minutes in length. We prefer authentic, short, to-the-point videos (please keep it lean and on topic).
A submission does not guarantee that MyEmpoweredWorld will publish it.
720p HD video is preferred, though we can work with 4:3 videos (from some webcams) if an HD camera is not available.
Please do not add music or graphics to your video.
Upload raw footage to our dropbox. We will edit and add titles and graphics.
Please end your video with “I’M [YOUR NAME] AND I AM LIVING AN EMPOWERED LIFE!”


If published, we suggest contributors promote their posts and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, email, newsletters, etc. Share the empowerment with the world. Also, be sure and respond to the comments on your posts, this supports the community and helps it to grow.

Please feel free to email any questions you might have to

Please Note: Due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee a response to all queries.   We will reach out if we are interested in your work. Thanks!