More and more people are actively seeking spiritual growth these days. This article connects ancient wisdom with future possibilities for evolving spiritually. The Empowering Team urges us all to wake up to our unlimited potential.

Today we are living in a time that human history could not fathom. Everywhere breakdowns are happening that are giving way to breakthroughs. Science is opening vistas of the mind that bring ancient wisdom into modern science. String theory is as old as the Vedas (which says all is vibration). Even the understanding that thoughts set up vibrations, and thus create our reality, is more mainstream than ever.

We are not only on the edge of the greatest material changes the planet has ever seen, but we are witnessing the great awakening of human consciousness. Notice the kids today: They are more aware of the spiritual realms and higher planes than children of the past.  The material wealth of the planet has become gigantic. Yes, we have more pull toward the opposite—economic crises, ecological crises, relationship crises—but these are all pushing and pulling us to wake up. In no other time in human history has the universe called for such a leap!

The apocalyptic prophets have been spelling out human disasters for thousands of years. Even Jesus was telling us the world would end before his generation’s time on the planet was complete. But the great saints, including Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammad, Master Sing, and Amma, are also saying this is the time for bringing us back to our true selves.

The message has been the same since time began. Each master has urged us to become healthier in our eating, to become healthier in our mental/psychological world, to help purify the mind of the lower mind’s dysfunction. They have all said that the higher can pull the lower mind up, but that the lower can also pull the higher mind to its level.

We are being shown that we must become wiser, empathetic, and more compassionate. Our attachments to the materialistic, egocentric patterns—greed, power, status, authority, separation—need to shift.  When we do, we will find that what we have been searching for all along, we have been searching with.

Spiritual exploration is not just some lofty work to be undertaken by some select few who have renounced the worldly life. Every day we have the opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves, to let go a little more of attitudes that no longer serve us, to step back and be a little less attached to desires. In every unexpected situation when the world fails to match our expectations, when what is happening is not what we think should be happening, we can remind ourselves that we have a choice. We can either see the situation through the eyes of fear—all the ways in which it could lead us to suffer. Or we can choose to see it through the eyes of love—as an opportunity for learning, growth and greater understanding.

This shift in perception is a foundation stone of spiritual work. If we practice this in every situation in which we find ourselves, with every person we meet, then we can move from being the victim of our thoughts and feelings to being the master of them. And through that, help ourselves and each other to become happier, healthier, and more caring people.


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