There comes a point in everyone’s spiritual journey when we begin to get tired of gathering information and ‘seeking’.  We realize that we are not really progressing on our path – oh we may be able to quote plenty of gurus in any given spiritual situation.  We may know exactly how to respond to any given spiritual question.  We may have even established a meditation or mindfulness practice, but it begins to dawn on us that we are not really ‘living’ what we are talking about.  The problem is that we are still, to a certain extent, identified with our body.  We know ourselves to be beyond the body as we’ve had glimpses of the magnificence of the soul, but we still get stuck sometimes in addictions and comfort eating.  We still seek distraction and entertainment in order to numb our awareness as we recognize how painful enhanced awareness can be.

Yes, this is not an easy time.  We are beginning to realize that we are, in actual fact, pretty messed up.  It seems so overwhelming.  How to confront everything?  Well there are a number of simple steps we can take to work with all of this so that we become the true spiritual beings that we have always dreamed of being.

Switching from ‘doing to ‘being’

This is a fairly simple step, yet it can drastically change your perspective on life.  If persisted with, there will be a hugely heightened sense that you are a soul having a human experience.  It will no longer be a mental concept but a livable experience.  Here’s the difference.  When we are ‘doing’, there is a tendency to try to control and manipulate our surroundings according to our own desires.  Its a sticky trap to fall into.  How many times a day do you find yourself saying ‘what should i DO now?’ Or perhaps your day is already crammed with planned activities.  Yes, having nothing to do can be very disconcerting as it forces us to look within.

But what is it the Gurus say?  Ah yes, the outside world is just an illusion.  Our inner world is the true reality.  Consciousness creates our reality and the ‘law of attraction’ configures the world to provide us with what we need (NOT necessarily what we desire).  You would not feel drawn to these teachings if a part of you didn’t feel them to be true.  So why not live it?  All you have to do is start, right here, right now.  Yes, it will be painful at times as the universe conspires to show you where you are stuck – where your ego gets in the way.  But, it will also be the most uplifting, profound and expanding experience you can have.

Now, we don’t ask ourselves ‘what can I do?’ but rather ‘How do I feel to BE?’  Am I feeling willful and passionate or surrendered and accepting?  What are my emotions telling me?  When we come from this place of authenticity, we’ll find we no longer have to struggle to get the world to co-operate with us.  Suddenly things will begin to fall into place.  That’s not to say that all will be joyous and easy, but rather we will get what we need for our spiritual journey.

Here’s a couple of things we can do to enhance this change in perspective:

  • Try to be the observer of your thoughts and feelings at all times.  Not only do we realize that they do not define us, but we able to work with them, unraveling what doesn’t serve us.
  • Follow your joy – there’s no better way to connect with the soul than to do something that we love.
  • Live from the heart – by becoming the observer we begin to liberate ourselves from attachment to the external drama.  By bringing our attention to the heart and observing the world around us through the senses we begin to fully embrace the magic of the moment.
  • Following the pull of your soul – From this place of awareness we begin to hear the quiet whispering of our soul as it guides us into certain circumstances.  This is usually experiences as a kind of pulling, but with a sense of ‘rightness’ to it.  You are no longer making choices based on fear or desire, but from a sense of ‘this is how I feel to be right now’.
  • Experiencing divine synchronicity – Watching as the world configures around you.  This can be truly magical.

Let’s be clear.  This is not the easy option.  It is not filled with ‘love and light’.  But it is a truly powerful way to unravel all your blockages and realize yourself as the divine being that you are.  To be or not to be?  THAT is most certainly the question!

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