If you know that things happen for reasons

If you know that magic is available when you step away from negativity

If you know you can manifest when you are aligned with the divine.

If you know that you are seeking an answer to what life is about

If you want to experience why you are really here

If you want to make it practical in your everyday life in your relationships, your work, your wealth and your inner worth

THEN you are and I are meant to work together to make that happen.

The inner journey is the road less travelled and it’s for those who want to wake up to the real world, a world full of great experiences, beautiful people and finding peace inside that many want but few have.

You may have an inner feeling that you were meant for more than what you are doing right now. It’s like a sense that something isn’t right and you want to break free of something you cant put words to. Its like you know things can be much better but it seems like there is a fog in front of you and the harder you try the thicker the fog gets. It’s frustrating because you know there is a light there somewhere.

Reaching it is what the inner journey is about.

For me its been about understanding myself which at times can seem a paradox. I used to be loving and nice one minute and a grumpy ass at another. Moving beyond that delusion to know myself has been profound and it has improved the quality of my life and those around me. In all areas, my marriage, my children,  my wealth and my own inner peace. That same journey is available to you.

You just have to find the courage to break free. Free of what? Many things but mostly expectations of others about who you are . How you should act what you should think and letting go of society’s restrictions influenced by what we are fed in the news about what we eat and how it affects our heath, how relationships really are and what really works to make us happy. How do we really get on and resolve issues in our relationships. How do you handle money and really mange it well and provide for your family?

No one teaches the inner journey at school. It’s just not part of the system even though it should be. No one teaches you these skills. You have to go and find them yourselves.

So if you’re sick of stumbling your way through doing it on your own and you want to know more, then just follow the well trod path that ancient spiritual masters have set out over centuries of teaching. That path is one to Awaken. To know yourself and the essence of what you are aside form all the conditioning, false beliefs and lies you tell yourself about how great you are or not. Once you see the truth then it all falls into place you will know how great you are.

You just have to open your eyes and see it as it is. There is a path, just follow it. It won’t happen overnight but the first step is to begin to prepare your mind through actions, words and belief in everything you do say and be. Then when you are ready and have done enough work to free your mind it will happen.

Enlightenment. But as Lau Tzu said “Before enlightenment chopping wood carrying water. After enlightenment chopping wood carrying water.

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