Having a direct experience of your spiritual ideal can propel you to deeper consciousness, reconnect you to your source, and steady you in your daily life. The Empowering Team invites you to learn how to claim your spiritual ideal with the information and exercises in this article by Laurence De Rusha.


Abraham Maslow, the well-known psychologist, observed that mentally healthy people have “peak experiences.” This type of profound experience is variously described as “being at one with everything,” “a feeling of profound belonging,” or “total peace.”

My wife was climbing a sheer rock face when a peak experience occurred. Nearing the top of the pinnacle, she lost her finger hold. Fear gripped her. Her mind raced and she froze. She was petrified! Then “time seemed to stand still,” she said. “A strange feeling came over me. I felt one with the rock.” Moments later, she was at the top of the climb.

Later she described the ordeal as a peak experience that she labeled “profound oneness.” She says if she were describing her Spiritual Ideal, this was it.

Each spiritual or peak experience has a quality associated with it. Your Ideal is this quality. For example, a coaching client I had raced motorcycles. During one of the races, he leaned through a hard turn. He was inches from being in a flat spin. Unexpectedly, his sense was one of being all three: the motorcycle, the turn/track, and himself. He said it was an amazing. He describes his Spiritual Ideal as “oneness” as well.

These peak experiences or spiritual ideals inspire and motivate you to fulfill your life purpose. These are breakthroughs from your deeper “spirit” informing you of a deeper meaning.

Although this type of peak experience may be mystical, it is also practical. It permits you to evaluate and measure information and experiences from something other than past knowledge or memories. Instead, you can compare your everyday information or experiences to your Spiritual Ideal and decide if they are in alignment. For example, a person may have harmony as their ideal. Knowing what harmony is, she can compare the current experience to her Spiritual Ideal. She might ask in a situation, “Will this experience bring harmony?”

If you have had a peak experience write down the quality of that experience. This is your Spiritual Ideal. You can also discover your spiritual ideal using your intuition.

There are many books that give exercises in using your intuition. Sitting in a quiet place and relaxing, surrounded with candles and love-filled objects is a wonderful way to work with intuition. If something like that is your desire, create a ritual that works for you in asking the questions in these following exercises.

A note: When you need your intuition during the busy work hours, while you are in a heated conversation, in a constrictive environment, or dangerous situation, you will want to be able to connect to your intuition even more. Practice connecting in quiet times, so you can connect no matter where you are or whatever is happening.

The following exercises will help you with your Spiritual Ideal.


  1. Sit quietly and bring your awareness to the space between your thoughts.
  2. As you focus your awareness on the space between your thoughts, it will begin to increase. Continue with this focusing on the space.
  3. Don’t struggle or effort with it. Let the thoughts just come and go, and keep bringing your awareness back to the space between the thoughts.
  4. In this space repeat your question, “What is my Spiritual Ideal?”
  5. Allow the answer to just bubble up.

If you are not familiar with using your intuition or how it works for you, take a quiz on how your intuition works. Follow the link below.

Are You Intuitive? – Quiz

Laurence De Rusha is an author and public speaker. He has written three books, The Secret of Knowing, The Future of the Future, and Born for This. Visit his site www.planetaryshift.org

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