We are all being healed on many levels right now due to the ascension, so what better time than to talk about spiritual healing, which we can all learn and use. Imagine if everyone knew how to use this simple but very effective tool perhaps it would help eliminate illnesses and diseases.

Have a go at giving spiritual healing. Below are the simple steps to use as a guide especially if you are a beginner to hands on healing (you can either lay hands directly on the person you are doing healing on or lay them slightly off their body, ask the person first) l use both, at first l have my hands off the body this way l can feel the energy field, and l place them directly on the person when there is a need for more intense healing.

EXERCISE – Spiritual healing

1. GROUND yourself with the golden tree roots exercise – visualize golden tree roots going out of your feet down into the earth anchoring you and supporting you.

2. OPEN your chakras (if you are new to this visualize each chakra starting from the root chakra upwards and say open, or use what you already know and works for you)

Chakras in order from the bottom up:
1. Root – base of your spine (red)
2. Sacral – below your belly button (orange)
3. Solar plexus – above your belly button (yellow)
4. Heart – center of chest (Green/pink)
5. Throat – at your throat (blue)
6. 3rd eye – in between your brow (color indigo)
7. Crown – top of your head (colour violet/white/gold)

3. ASK to be a channel for healing energy to work through you, and say THANK YOU.

4. PROTECTION if you are new to healing use the simple white light bubble exercise (visualize yourself inside a white light bubble) Most healers use this but l prefer not to as l like to be fully open to mine and the sitter’s energy fields. Instead l ask my guides to step forward for any protection l may need. Once your hands are on the sitter you can also visualize a white protection bubble around both of you.

5. LAYING OF HANDS place your hands on the sitter either directly where the source of their ailment is or a general placing of your hands on their shoulders to start with, this is a good starting point to connect to the energy, feel where you are drawn too, be guided by it and place your hands there.

TIP – if you feel light-headed after the healing make sure you have some water and a light snack like a biscuit, or just stamp your feet and shake your arms and hands gently, this will help to ground you.

Remember where attention goes energy flows but look at the word “attention” differently, it’s “universal energy attention” meaning; when you place your hands on your sitter universal energy is automatically sent to the person you are giving healing to through your hands.Yyou are a channel for healing energy to work through. Just relax and let the energy flow through you into them, you may feel your hands get hot or cold, you may feel tingling or pins and needles effect, this is the energy flowing and the universal healing energy at work.

You can also heal yourself. Where ever you feel you need healing place your hands there and let the universal energy heal you too.

Closing note – Healing helps balance your energy, and gives healing to your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental parts of self. It reduces stress, relaxes you, and can help with aches and pains. Healing is especially good for headaches, backache and joint pains; it has been known to even cure diseases. You don’t have to have faith or belief in it for the healing to work, as it is given unconditionally from the universal energy.

Try healing today on yourself or friends and family to tap into the free healing energy that is there for everyone, and feel the benefits immediately.

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