Our physical and spiritual parts of self, experience the world in totally different ways but resonate and blend as one while we experience a physical life here on Gaia. Our physical senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell allow us to experience the physical pleasures of existence, we perceive and think that our physical senses are all that we have, but when we go within and connect with our spiritual essence this opens new doors of ways to experience our physical senses in a different heightened awareness allowing us to see into other ways of experiencing our life in a richer more fulfilling way, it is our 6th sense that allows us to be able to do this and offers us spiritual delights and wonders into another world of wonder.

As a physical, and spiritual being of light we believe that all we have around us is it, as what we can actually touch with our hands we know and believe is real, it has depth, it has texture, what we taste has sweet, salty and sour even metallic flavors depending on what we are eating, we hear sounds around us we know what they are and where they come from, we see with our physical eyes colors, sights, views, faces, animals, everything has richness and beauty, we smell with our nose from rich aromas, to pungent smells. Each of the 5 senses triggers each one in turn, for instance we see something we want to eat, we smell it which tantalizes our senses, and then we taste it, each of the senses has a part to play in the other ones, and can cause feelings and emotions to surface due to what our senses our experiencing at the time.

We may perceive our senses differently from the next person as each one of us resonates in different frequencies, some are more aware and awake of their understanding of the connection with their spiritual part of themselves that allows a richer experience of life, others will not have the inner connection due to certain conditions and situations in their personal and professional life, keeping them blinkered from the wonders of a richer more fulfilling life experience. Once the individual learns how to connect with their spiritual essence it will help the physical senses to become heightened, this can be acquired with an understanding of how to connect within to the higher-self. Connecting to the higher-self can be attained through meditation and other spiritual practices that help the opening of the 3rd eye and the heart chakra plus the crown, this allows the spiritual part of self to connect to higher frequencies awakening awareness to see, feel, touch, taste and smell the world on deeper spiritual levels that blend with the physical part of self to bring a richer more rewarding experience to life.

When you acquire an understanding of your spiritual senses you become alive, aware and awake of the world around you like never before. Everything will have more beauty, every sound will have more depth and richness, every taste will be sweeter and delicious, every beautiful smell will smell heavenly, and every sight will hold more beauty for you. Literally everything will be more divine and your life will be more vibrant, and alive in every single way. At last you will understand the miraculous beautiful world and will start to see, feel, touch, taste and hear it as a child does when they start to experience the wonders of the world for the first time, you will truly become more alive, aware and awake like never before.

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