George Harrison wrote a song about this very question in 1971. “What is life?” is clearly one of those questions that has been asked since the first person became aware. In one sense it’s unanswerable. Yet in another, it is answerable, when we look within ourselves. What holds us back from understanding is our busy minds studying the external world, events, happenings. It is constantly in motion, constantly changing, and we have forgotten our internal world: The “real world,” according to the mystics.

We tread the path of life fixed on career, family, health and wealth until one day, frustration or anxiety, or some event calls up these questions. Until then, we move through life in a trance. As the old saying goes “we are wandering from cradle-to-grave.” Yet, there is a destination, and there is an answer. Our true destination is the discovery and actualization of our “higher Self!”

The higher Self I would explain this way. There are two parts two us. The ego is the front part and the higher Self is behind. The ego dominates for most people. The ego deals with the outer world. It is a mistake to believe that the outer world is all there is, as science today, including quantum physics, seems to be discovering. Even physics is changing moment to moment. Even particles are waves and waves are vibrations made up of the totally unseen. The Vedas of 5,000 years ago tell us that everything is vibration. Our True Self is behind. Often ignored. It knows when we don’t.

The discovery of answers to these big questions, and events, is the discovery of “True Self,” and that is, first of all, an act of inner looking. This is where the techniques of the ancient wise people can be helpful: meditation, contemplation, or any of the other methods described in many of the various books on spirituality. Learn to quiet the mind or go beyond it. In the silence answers arrive. Start that journey now!


We have included, some points that might help you through this school called life.

  • Be in the moment – Mindfulness is key. It has to do with attention and awareness.  Being attentive to what you are doing right now keeps your mind from moving into old memories- that could be depressing, or from moving into the future which keeps you from doing what you need to be doing, whole-heartedly- in the moment.
  • Health and fitness are critical – if your body is not healthy, it will often block you from being a participant in life. That’s because your focus is dominated by your body. Get as much rest as your body needs. Exercise so you have energy to do what you want to do. Towards the end of life you will be thankful that you took care of this vehicle.
  • Pick a mentor – Find someone living or not that can provide a model for the life you want to live. Our brain has mirror cells that can mimic what is modeled.
  • Consciously choose the people you want to hang out around – We are social creatures and you want people around you that are positive, supportive and willing to engage with you on many levels. Emotionally we are nurtured by others, and we can nurture others. This provides a level of encouragement and compassion.
  • Learn from life – Education is important and more so every passing day. Nevertheless, the education that comes from life’s lessons is also important. Every experience is an opportunity to learn. What you learn from reading and talking is intellectual. What you learn from life experiences is deeper.
  • Compassion is critical. – Become involved in something that draws out your passion and compassion. Helping others is one of the greatest acts of humanity and you will find happiness comes from acts of service and kindness more than from anything else.
  • Choose to follow your passion and excel at it. – It is a fallacy to believe that because something is our passion, that it’s natural for us, that we don’t have to practice. The truth be known, people who practice, practice, practice, excel at what they’re doing, and have a higher degree of confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.
  • Respect everyone –treat everyone with a level of respect for we are all on a journey through this life each with a different path to the same destination.

Some guidelines to help you as you learn from life!

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