Our energy centers within our body known as chakras fluctuate all the time, and it doesn’t matter how much work we do on them if we don’t understand how our energy system acts and reacts within our environment and around people then all the spiritual work we do on chakras will hold no value.

Energies from the environment and others filters into our aura and then into our mind, body, and soul because each energy vibration/frequency we walk into we are affected by it, so if we talk to someone who is feeling down, their low energy latches onto us. If we are with someone who is in a jovial, happy mood this affects our wellbeing and makes us feel happy too. Literally every energy we come in to contact with affects us on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level, and what we see, hear, feel, touch, and taste causes our energy to become affected either negatively or positively depending on what we are experiencing.

All thoughts, words said, actions, and reactions also play a part in our energy system especially our energy centers, as each center triggers different responses and feelings, for example the solar plexus deals with the ego, creativity, and flight/fight syndrome, and our heart deals with emotions and feelings of love, compassion, joy, and bliss, but each chakra holds ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ energies, for example the heart can hold hate, envy, jealousy, literally each chakra holds many different feelings/emotions/sensations due to what we are faced with every day, and we can learn to control our energy to keep it in a healthy positive place.

But ultimately it’s what we feel within with our self that can play the biggest havoc on our energy centers and our overall wellbeing, because if we are in a not so good place our energy starts to become depleted, and if we don’t take action to change things and make ourselves feel better over time our energy becomes even more depleted and can cause illnesses to manifest, this is why it’s very important to understand your energy and all other energy forms be that from your environment, other people, and the world, everything is energy and those highly sensitive to energies will literally feel everything even earths energy movements and from other planet movements too.

This is why it’s so important to look after your energy by learning how the energies feel within your body and to learn the sensations within your body from ‘negative’ energies from your environment and others so you can start to protect your energy from energies that try to bring yours down or try to ‘steal’ to make themselves feel better.

Energy centers will do their own thing as you go about your daily routine and as everything is energy everything will filter into your awareness system in some way, but if you learn to control your energy and how to contain your own energy in times when you feel uncomfortable around certain people or in certain situations, (which is done by visualising drawing your energy in to you a little bit and supporting your energy in a protective energy ball of white or gold light), and how to expand your consciousness energy outwards in the right environments and around the right people, (which is done by visualising seeing your energy literally expanding outwards further and further as far as you want to and feel comfortable with); you can even expand your consciousness energy out to the universe, this will help to keep your energy in a healthy wellbeing state and also help empower your own energy and raise your consciousness awareness, which is a great aide for the ascension too.

Energy centers function to help us process things in our world and our self, each one is accountable for different things and rule different parts of the body too. When you learn how to balance and control your energy so you are always vibrating in a healthy positive energy flow, then your mind, body, and soul will be functioning in a healthy way too. It’s all down to you–how other energies affect you, it is your body after all so make sure you take care of you and utilise your energy in the most efficient, healthy way possible not just for you but for everyone you encounter too.


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