What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to feel other peoples’ emotions and feelings as if they are your own. This also extends to feeling environments and other energy residue that is left in an area after people have had an argument, or other situations that leave a heavy energy behind that can last a long time, especially if the energy was left in a contained space.

Empathy can at times cause extreme uncomfortable physical, mental, and emotional feelings and sensations, this is because as an empath, your energy field is wide open and very receptive to everything around you, even from energies in the universe, from planets; especially the sun’s and moon’s energy, and you are also likely to feel earth’s magnetic pulls too, and changes that go on within her and on her from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes, literally any form of energy you may feel.

As the ascension frequencies change us and raise our frequencies this tunes us even more to the matrix and electromagnetic energies and all other energy forms. It heightens our senses and awakens our 6th sense (3rd eye chakra energy center), which is the link to our intuitive feelings and thoughts. This is when our empathic feelings will rise to the fore and for those of you that have been empathic all your life, it will become heightened and can lead to other spiritual gifts being ignited, like healing ability and mediumship abilities, because the more open and aware we become the more we will feel in our mind, body, and soul, and in our four bodies; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

It can be a challenge to understand these empathic feelings and sensations because when you are new to this experience you will confuse the feelings thinking that they are your own when in reality a lot will not be.

So how do you know what your energies are and what they are not?

One of the best ways is to look at how your energy is before you leave home notice your mood, how your body feels, what thoughts are coming up, basically check your overall emotional, mental, and physical states to see how they are. Then when you step out into the world mixing with all the other energies and you start to feel different or your mood suddenly unexplainably changes, or you feel physical uncomfortable sensations then you know you are picking up ‘outside’ energies.

How do you stop empathy feelings?

You can’t stop feeling energies from others and the environment, because we are all connected in the matrix of energy frequencies, but you can help to stop them filtering into your mind, body, and soul to cause you to feel unwell by using the technique mentioned above, and being aware of how you are feeling before you step out into the world will help you to process other energies from outside of you that come into your energy. As you learn to feel the differences you will know what energies you are picking up on and allowing to filter into your aura (energy auric field which is around your body). Once you start to learn this way of relating to different energies and how they make you feel then you can acknowledge what you feel, and not let them go past your auric field, you just say to self ‘this is not my energy, l let it go with love’.  When you connect to your higher self/your intuition it will help you to process the energies, and will protect you from unwanted negative energies too.

Do protection exercises work?

Many empathic people use protection exercises and have a lot of different ways to do this, if this works for you and you are comfortable doing so then by all means carry on doing this. But there is an important point to make regarding protection exercises such as the white bubble (surrounding yourself in a white bubble), and all other ones, that if you continually use protection exercises how are you going to feel any energies (good or bad) from others, your environment, and the world, and how are others going to feel your energy?

l have used protection exercises in the past but l realized that our biggest protector is our higher self/intuition (our spirit), and our (soul) heart too. Once we connect within to our higher self and our heart center they will always protect us. All we have to do is trust in our own ability to look after ourselves. You can also ask the angels, archangels, and the divine for protection when in extreme cases like ‘psychic attacks’ (when someone deliberately filters their destructive negative energy into your energy bodies, which can make you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritual ill).

Protection can be a great asset, but by protecting yourself every time you step out the door you are closing yourself to all the wonderful energies you can feel too, which can also stop the flow of synchronicity and coincidences to manifest. As l always say its far better to be open and aware than closed and not aware.

Closing note – As the ascension energy frequencies open us more and more you will feel the energies around you and within you even more, shielding and protection exercises are useful especially when you are new to the ascension spiritual process, but l prefer to be open to all energies because by being open l can keep track of all energies coming my way and moving into my auric field.

It takes a long time to learn to be within public energies without being physically, mentally, and emotionally affected. Being an empath is not an easy journey, and even though it can be painful and stressful feeling energies so acutely it is showing you that you are moving forwards on your ascension path.

Tune into your higher self through the art of meditation practice, and power up your inner power through your higher self and your heart energy center. By standing firm in your inner power of your soul heart center, and asking your higher self (your spirit) to protect your energy field and your four energy bodies; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and how to work with the new sensations and feelings will help you to still be open and aware but protected too.

You are in control of your energy at all times, and you have the power to control it too, it is all up to you, no one can control and manipulate your energy unless you allow them to. Your thoughts also empower energy forms so if you believe you are being psychically attacked your belief and fear will intensify that energy; ‘where attention goes energy flows’. When we remove our attention away from it the energy disperses and it’s released from us, this is how your inner power that comes from your soul (heart energy) and spirit (higher self-consciousness) can control your energy bodies and your overall well being too.

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