Crystals and gemstones can magnitude your thoughts, wishes, emotions or dreams – they are kind of like a super sized law of attraction order! Here are some crystals and gemstones to help with some common Earth Angel challenges or desires.

Crystals and gemstones have their own sound, vibration and energy – and when these connect with your energy by being placed on your chakras, held in meditation or even placed in your aura, their energy can change and balance yours.  I find when I hold crystals or gemstones, relax and breathe, thinking of what I would like healed by love and light that I can feel my pulse in the hand that holds the stone.  This is a great way to connect your energy with your stones, or use stones to help balance out a mood

Rose Quartz –  Love, romance, broken hearts
Amethyst – Dream/sleep, healing, focus
Jade – Money, wealth, decision making
Tigers Eye – Insight, luck, protection
Clear Quartz – Clearing energy, cleansing
Angelite – Angelic communication, unblock
Howlite – Past life connection, absorbs anger
Moonstone – Fortune telling, intuition
Aquamarine – Meditation, spiritual connection
Jasper – Stability, aids emotional stress
Citrine – Self esteem, protects against negativity
Fluorite – Absorbs and neutralizes negativity
Ruby – Vitality, passion

A great cheat chakra-balancing tip is to use a Blue Kyanite crystal. It is renowned for realigning chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction.

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