Ascension - Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

We are human beings of love and light, electromagnetic waves of emotion, feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions that affect everyone and every living organism; this is the power of our connection, of oneness. Due to the energy frequencies around us that many are feeling it is activating us to expand our light bodies, and bring our consciousness into expanding awareness too, to enable us to be aware of the world around us; to the connection to mother earth below us, the higher consciousness/divine above us, and the interconnectedness to every living thing.

As our physical body is changing, growing and expanding, and filling with more light, more of us should just be happy and most of us aren’t for one reason or another, usually due to difficulties in our physical life, and little understanding of the changes taking place within our spiritual part of self. Most of us are not alive, aware and awake, but when you do finally start to awaken you will feel elated, uplifted, creative, joyous, and full of love, this is due to the heart frequencies being felt by all, helping us to reconnect back to our hearts, the seat of our soul. More of us are awakening to the ascension process but still there is confusion and uncertainty, but it is your thought processes, and especially emotions, and feelings that play a huge part in understanding this ascension process and the changes taking place within you, the world and the universe.

What you think now effects your future, positive thoughts breed positive ones, and negative thoughts breed negative ones. Your feelings and emotions are brought about due to your own thoughts about experiences you experience in your everyday life, issues from your past life that you haven’t healed, forgotten or forgiven, and by other people’s energy, words, actions and reactions towards you that effect your energy system. We can learn to heal past issues, and learn how to repel unnecessary energy and energy attacks from others, but all energy around us and from others infiltrates our auric field, and latches on to us. Yes we can diffuse some of it, but it’s not always easy to do when we are feeling a deep emotion, feeling or thought from it, but it’s not impossible not to diffuse it either, you just have to understand about different energy forms, and how to handle each one in a positive way.

Everything we see hear, feel, taste, touch has a feeling/emotion attached to it and it’s how we handle them that matters; a feeling/emotion causes a thought, and the thought can cause a reaction or action depending on the feeling and emotion experienced. What’s important during the ascension process and any time in life really is being aware of the negative directness from others and negative energy around you, and then to take action to either repel it away and not be effected by it, and/or trying to work out why they are being negative towards you. Yes you can try and help diffuse their negativity but sometimes in order to protect yourself you have to walk away until they are ready to talk in a rational way, most of the time there is a problem with negative directness because there is a communication breakdown, which can be resolved when both parties allow each other to speak, and then offer feedback, advice, support or whatever is needed to allow the communication to flow smoothly. Sometimes the negativity from others is about their own inner issues, and problems they currently have in their life, and/or even things from their current past life, or karmic past life issues that infiltrate into their everyday life that they need to work on and heal.

Closing note – We need to enjoy living, and living in the moment, in the now and be grateful we wake up the next day and the day after, and be joyous, positive, and just be the love and light beings we truly are, and connect together as one to help bring in love, peace and joy for all.

Blessings x wendy x

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