We are all joined to the matrix in an interwoven pattern of emotions, feelings and thoughts that travel through the cosmos affecting everything and everyone.

As trillions of thoughts travel around the cosmos affecting all, it’s within this cosmic soup that as well as positive energy it holds negative energy too, and once the negative energy enters our psyche they bring unnecessary feelings and emotions within our physical body. All negative feelings within us are brought from outside of us from other people, situations around us, and from the consciousness of the matrix that trigger reactions within our body, either negative or positive feelings depending on what is brought into our life at the time.

When we are bombarded with negative energies that we don’t deal with straight away they can slowly seep into our subconscious until they become buried so deep we forget they are still there. As they are left there for a long time, and forgotten about they slowly affect our life on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level. The negative energy sitting in our subconscious slowly infiltrates into our conscious, and into our emotions. It starts to affect our everyday life on how we react to situations and people, and they end up causing blocks within our energy biological structure and blocks within our everyday life. Our subconscious that stores all memories and emotions literally stops our energy system from flowing in the way it should be, and attracts more negative energy when we don’t deal with the internal issues that show up.

Our subconscious and unconscious mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of us hold memories of past experiences from this life, and all past lives. Past lives bring karmic links into this life that are stored deep within your soul and are only healed when you are faced with the emotion that has been brought forward into this life, usually from a trigger from a life situation that happens in this life time through emotional, physical, mental and spiritual stress. Past experiences from this life hold psychological feelings, and emotions in our subconscious which resides in our soul that also affect us in all four elements, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, shaping us into who we are right now.

Physical, mental and emotional problems can manifest as illness within our body this is because emotional imbalance affects the energy within our body. This is when our biological structures come under attack, and if they are not dealt with straight away can result in sometimes serious illnesses that weaken the immune system, and the energy chakra centers such as the heart (emotions), and solar plexus (stomach) (feelings).

Through emotional stress on the mind, body, and soul it then starts to manifest through physical symptoms and then onto mental stress, as both the emotional and physical turmoil within the body can bring depressive states such as fear, worry, sadness, grief, frustration, and even darker negative states such as anger, as we try to process and deal with what is happening within our physical body and within our life.

This spiral into the breakdown of the bodies energy systems can begin from either a subconscious feeling from the past resurfacing, a subconscious karmic link coming to the fore, and/or just from a negative state brought from an everyday life situation such as an ending of a relationship, an ending of a business venture, a serious life change, even bullying from work colleques, your partner, or even family members. Most of us can move on from whatever arises as we learn from what is shown us, and because we are secure, and confident within ourselves we can carry on with our life in a positive way. But life can sometimes throw us a series of challenges that come one after the other or all at once, and because of the intensity of the difficulties and life challenges it is far harder to work through them in a healthy way. The over load in difficulties can literally trigger the start of the energy imbalance within our biological structure of our body, our psychological structure of our mind, and even the spiritual structure of our soul.

By learning about your own energy circuit and your energy chakra centers you can help your body stay in positive energy, and counteract any future negative situations from seeping into your psyche. You can do this by learning how to feel all energy frequencies from others, your environment, the universe and your own energy system within you. You will learn how the different energies feel within your body, and what negative and positive energies feel like. At first you will feel the energies within your solar plexus as ‘gut feelings’, and as you travel forwards on your ascension journey you will start to learn to feel through the heart energy chakra center, as the ascension energy frequencies are awakening what sits in our ‘seat of the soul’, which is our spirit held within our heart.

The heart chakra energy center becomes your new home for your feelings, thoughts, emotions, it becomes your eyes, your ears, your voice, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, it is your actor, reactor, and your protector, it is your soul, your spirit, and your divine within you, which is your guardian, your mentor, your teacher, your friend, your inner voice, and your greatest councillor.

As you learn to understand your energy and keep it resonating in positive energy it will help bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, and this will help you to deal with any negative experiences that come into your life in a proficient confident way, which stops any residue from a ‘bad situation’ from forming in your psyche and filtering down into your subconscious. You will find your health improves and your general outlook on life has more richness to it, because as you learn to work with your energy to bring the best positive results for you and start to understand how important your heart is, and not just for keeping you alive but how important it is for your well-being within your mind, body and soul, then you will start to see your heart is indeed your protector, it is your soul, the divine essence of you that can show you freedom.

This realisation and understanding of energy frequencies, and your own energy chakra centers will help you to grow your wings and soar on upwards and onwards on your ascension journey to enlightenment where you will flow in the abundant river of joy, love and peace.

Let go and flow

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