We’ve all meet them. Those people who manage to insult us to our core and tap out of the conversation with a condescending “Namaste” or “God bless you.” You know the types. The people who preach, do what I say – not what I do. They are all around us. The chia-seed-selling-organic-health-store-grocer-would-you-like-some-over-priced-coconut-oil-with-that clerk who stops in at McDonald’s on their way home. Or the check-out-my-I’m-so-much-better-than-you-yoga-headstand from the Yogi who opens the class with, ‘yoga is our own personal journey, not a competition” and then closes the class with their feet behind their head like boom-I’m-so-much-more-super-flexi-than-you-which-makes-me-a-better-person. Sometimes we can’t help but ask ourself are these people spiritual or ‘spiritual’?

The truth? You can be a guru, organic, holistic idol and still be an asshole.

So, we know that super-human flexibility, the self-control to only eat raw, clean, organic, natural goodness, and utter most discipline to never feel compelled to speak an ill word about anything or anyone in our modern-day environment makes our eye twitch just thinking about it, it is after all a pretty tall order. And spiritual is less about living under rules and boundaries – a spiritual person gets that in essence it is simply about being kind to all things, your body, mind, soul, energy, the energy of others, the earth – everything. But with spirituality becoming ‘cool’ more and more sham-spiritualists are popping up. So here are the top 5 things people who classify themselves as a ‘spiritualist’ but are a few feathers short of a dream catcher say that make them less spiritual, and more of a sham-spiritualist.

  1. Spiritual people don’t judge, compare or compete with others. They understand that everyone growth, development and life lessons are unique. A non-spiritual person will always be seeking to trump other spiritualists – seeking to be the knower of all, the wisest. They may even be a super talented sham-spiritualist, even making meditation a marathon where only one person can win gold. Heads up, if that is the case, you are doing it wrong. #Noonewins
  2. Spiritual people are sensitive and understanding almost to the point they absorb others energies around them. They understand that you are either adding to a good vibe, or polluting a good vibe. If you have a highly infectious illness you wouldn’t go around purposefully spreading it – so a spiritual person expects the same respect and cleanliness to be concerned when spreading negative energy. The sham-spiritualist coughs negativity without covering their mouth… Ew….
  3. Ever had someone pull the “I’m an old soul” card on you before? Chances are if they have crowned themselves as an old soul, they probably aren’t. It is kind of like just deciding you want to be president of a country – it doesn’t really work that way.The best way to pick an old soul, is they are patient, understanding and observant of other souls words, actions and reactions. They do not need reward, recognition or a title – they are happy simply knowing, they don’t need to tell everyone they are an old soul.
  4. Being spiritual we are fans of our own company. Solitude is the best way to recharge. We do not need constant social engagements, the illusion of busy – we are content with being in the presence of only ourself. Sham-spiritualists on the contrary love to be surrounded by others, in the limelight and out on the town. A young soul will often be the last one to bed and the ring leader for social gatherings. They are fun! But not necessarily wise…
  5. The last one is something we have all definitely experienced. The sham-spiritualist has a gift for politely insulting you. Instead of making people in their company feel uplifted, calmer, at peace or inspired they can often leave people feeling drained, belittled or anxious. The true legacy of a spiritualist is how people leave feeling after being in their company. Be with a spiritualist, we should all leave feeling a lot lighter, and brighter about life. Be with a sham-spiritualist, we could well leave feeling like our soul has been slapped in the face with a mix of spiritual insults, negativity and a dash a competitiveness for good measure… bless’em!

Here’s the key! The next time someone show ponies their ‘spiritual’ side, smile, nod, white-light them, and offer them a peace out sign – because those are the ‘spiritual’ peeps you could do without. The mantra of true spiritualist, “keep it real!”

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