The 5 stages of the Ascension Awakening
The five stages of the ascension process are; Awakening, Cleansing, Letting go, Re-born, and Ascension.

How long the ascension process takes is different for each person, it all depends on your current life style and your spiritual abilities. If you are new to spiritual concepts and ways of living it will be a slower process, those that are more open to these practices will find their ascension journey will be quicker, some stages will be faster than others, most people find the 2nd and 3rd stages the most difficult as this is when your whole world feels like it’s being turned upside down, it can be a very unsettling and troublesome time as literally everything changes around you and you become confused, worried and fearful by everything too.

Best advice l can give everyone on their ascension journey is to just try and ‘go with the flow’ with everything however painful and difficult it can be at times, as when we fight things this is when more stumbling blocks come up and it can actually slow down the ascension process too.

Always listen to your intuition on everything and honor your hearts feelings too, be guided by your ‘gut’ feelings on everything and follow them through, this will keep everything in your life flowing in the right direction, and will allow synchronicities and coincidences to come to you, which will aid you in helping you move forward positively on your ascension journey too.

1. Awakening

When we become awakened it is the process where we see the Divine light and become the light, we glow with inner light, our spirit shines forth and illumes us with the presence of the Divine. We are transformed into a new being to allow the ascension process to begin, as we become aware of the spirit within us and allow the annulation of our physical bodies negative attributes to be dispersed so we can start to begin on the 2nd part of the process of our ascension, which is “the Cleansing.”

2. Cleansing

This is when the journey really begins and we have a battle between our physical and spiritual self, this is the push/pull feeling, a battle between still wanting to hold onto physical attributes such as ego, greed, materialism etc., and wanting to get rid of them too, and also wanting to just live a purely spiritual life full of compassion, kindness, loyalty, devotion, joy and love. It can be a hard time as the world demands us to live in a purely physical existence, and blocks any ways of us connecting to our spiritual part of self, but we can connect to our spiritual being through the art of meditation practice, and other forms of spiritual ways of life and living such as being kind to others, showing compassion for all, practicing acts such as forgiveness etc., and living an honest good life where we do no wrong to others in any way.

When we have purified our lower emotional and mental natures to the point where all negative attributes of anger, failure to forgive, jealousy, revenge, or any other negative emotions, feelings and thoughts stop polluting our auric field, and our thoughts are purified of greed, self-aggrandizement, grasping affection, and an ego that considers self, first and foremost, we can then claim our Divine inner power, and we can start to live our lives with the intention of moving ever forward on the path to ascension into higher consciousness, then we are open to the higher consciousness/Divines guidance into all truth, we recognize that we are the temple of the Divine, our ‘I AM PRESENCE’, and become a true spirit of light, as we do we can move into the 3rd process of ‘Letting Go’.

3. Letting go

The “Letting Go” process is the dying of our old self, literally our old life is stripped away, many people talk about everything in their personal and professional life is literally taken away sometimes without them doing anything in particular to warrant it, other times it is done by self as they realize how unhappy they feel and have a huge need inside to change their life and sometimes in drastic ways too. It can also feel like nothing is of any great value or importance, all materialistic things seem to hold no value or interest, even relationships, friendships fall away, even the ego part of self is stripped back.

There’s also this huge need to look within at self and to heal and let go of any past issues and any difficulties in the present, it’s like a detoxing time of the physical body too, a literal dying of the old to make way for the new. This is a healthy process in the ascension process, and allows the body to become free of all the dense entrapments of the physical body to allow more room for the body to be filled with more light from the Divine, and to become light bodies to aid the ascension process, and to become ready for the 4th process ‘Re-born’.

4. Re-born

We become re-born and eternal spirits of light when we finally let go of our negative physical attributes and replace them with positive ones and live a life of spiritual purity. As our bodies become lighter beings of light it allows us to be re-born as a new being of Divine’s love and light and to move into the new world, the 5th dimension.
Through our ascension process and the raising of our energy frequencies it is in turn helping to raise the energies of the world too, literally everything in the world, in the universe and all other universes are evolving, changing and transforming into new frequencies of love and light. Everything and everyone has a chance to be reborn and shift into the next dimension where we can all resonate in oneness within a structure of peace, love and joy for all, within the new heaven on Earth.

Our Divine and immortal part of us, our soul and spirit is the part in which we can be reborn and through our soul and spirit we can ascend into the new world, heaven on Earth, and become spiritual immortal beings through the cleansing and purification of our mind, body, and soul. It is an eternal union of our physical and spiritual bodies to become blessed by the Divine, where balance is restored, and peace within is found, then we are ready for the finally part of the ascension process, “Ascension.”

5. Ascension

When the body is purified, and all negative physical attributes are replaced by positive ones, and when the body is replaced by light energies and all dense forms of the physical body are released, we become blessed by the Divine, and awaken to the Divine/God within us, as we understand our real identity of who we really are, a Divine spirit of love & light.
Only those that are worthy, and have lived a good life, and lived and worked in the Divines light will shift into the 5th dimension. There are chances for others that have led a less than perfect life to be allowed ascension into the new world too, those will be judged on if they have changed their life from all the negative physical selfish attributes that made them a “bad” person before into a physical being with a good spiritual heart, soul and spirit, only the Divine/God will choose those that are worthy to enter the new dimension, literally a heaven on Earth.

Closing Note

The heart frequencies being felt by many across the world are giving us an opportunity to ascend into the new world here on Earth, and are awakening us to the Divines presence within us which we find within our heart, and within our soul and spirit. By opening up our heart and connecting to the Divine through God and understanding the spiritual essence of who we really are a Divine being of love & light, and realize that we are a collective consciousness joined to the higher consciousness, Divine, God, we can literally transform our lives into a miraculous being of Divine’s light and earn a place in the new world on Earth, the 5th dimension, and help to bring Earth into the new frequencies of love and light too through our collective consciousness of light, restoring mother Earth to a beautiful world full of love, joy and peace for all.

Words that everyone should live by to help with their ascension and to a passage into the new world are; wisdom, courage, honour, respect, knowledge, understanding, humility, faith, belief, virtue, peace, joy and most importantly unconditional love.

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