The Empowering Team is excited to bring you this amazing photography series by professional photographer John Watkins. His passion and desire for photography shows in every aspect of his work.  These are timeless photographs from some of the most exotic places in the world. Listen in as John explains his adventures and brings to life his special collection of Empowering Imagery.

From a very young age, John Watkins was influenced by the beautiful sunsets and light he routinely witnessed on treks his family made to their vacation home in a remote part of Baja, California. At eighteen, John became a professional model, and was introduced to the fashion world by Bruce Weber, one of the most esteemed lifestyle shooters in the world. Bruce became a mentor to John, fostering his ability to rely on natural light, and to capture genuine emotions and expressions from his subjects.

Through years of professional modeling, John has worked with and learned from many of the world’s top photographers, including Annie Leibovitz. While working for Annie as a prop master, John acquired irreplaceable knowledge, and learned invaluable skills that would later influence his photography. He has come to appreciate the qualities professional shooters possess, and the attitude they must exhibit in order to create a natural and comfortable environment for their subjects. “It’s important for me to make people look good. I believe everyone has something to offer the camera, and finding that spirit is what makes my work fun.”John describes his approach to shooting as “lifestyle photography”: being on location, using natural light, capturing real-life, and portraying positive images of his subjects. “I love location work because it incorporates elements that aren’t as stagnant as a studio: it’s all about life, it’s all about light.”

​All photography by John Watkins

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