Writing was such a treasure in the past, especially for women who often had to hide their true feelings, dreams, wishes, and thoughts. Paper and ink gave them liberty and presented the gift of freedom. Well, at least in their imaginary world, away from realities.

Today, women in our society are allowed to express themselves in their own words. But does society listen? Sometimes, when we present the right credentials, the right connections, and the right mindset.

Women, however, have to offer more.

Women think with the heart. It aches when there is pain and sadness. Then, there is the feeling of heaviness. It’s like someone cut off the supply of oxygen – you can’t breathe anymore. Other times, happy times, the heart jumps and leaps about. That’s when joy, laughter and excitement rule. Then, there is the cautious heart. The one that pauses, is still to listen, to hear others’ feelings.

There are languages of the soul and the mind that our western world does not offer teachings for. There is no degree that you earn when trying to understand the world. Manifold, plentiful, rich in senses, character, and feelings – who, where, and what can prepare you for the world?

Life itself does a pretty good job, if you let it happen. But often we are so busy, our egos are busy creating their own sense of reality; drawing pictures and holding on to them with the last, obsessive power they have to create an unreal reality.

So, let life happen – will you? Then it will teach you.

Life will take you under its wings and let you fly when it’s time to. Let you rest when it’s the right moment; work, learn, feel, touch, smell, hear – include all your senses.

Hold on, is that possible? Yes, I want to exclaim. It is when you are a woman! You live and function by the heart. You create awareness other than through the ego. You give and receive love freely and know what pleasure arises from giving.

You nurture and heal.

You listen and communicate.

You look into someone’s eyes and understand.

You feel connected, in sync with yourself and your environment.

Until it is time to end – to lay down and rest your pen – hoping, pleading, knowing that someone may read these words and find pleasure and hope in them; an understanding that comes from the heart and is the universal language between all women.

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