In this day and age I feel that we have lost touch with ourselves. We forgot how to feel, or what it truly means to surrender to love. So often we try to mask ourselves with false ideals of strength. We want others to think we are strong and we cringe at the thought of others seeing us as “vulnerable.”

I know a lot of men and women who will put up unnecessary walls in order to protect themselves from feeling vulnerability. Why is this word so scary?

Why have we been so conditioned to fear pain that we are ultimately afraid to love? I understand that the possibility of pain is in no way enticing. However pain is necessary, and the more comfortable we start to become with it, the easier and less fearful it becomes.

Pain allows us to grow, manifest and evolve. The universe was created in explosions, and humans are a result of such evolution. This pain we so often avoid is necessary, because it allows us to grow, understand others, connect to ourselves deeper, and to ultimately find love.

Love doesn’t exist in fear. Love exists in the unconditional; it can only be found when we accept the deepest part of ourselves. In order to access this; it demands that we confront it.

Don’t fear your darkness, for it’s where you will find love.

This is why we are here is it not? To live, to feel, and to learn..

So instead of running, what if we surrendered to this frightful thing? What if we stopped and accepted that vulnerability and the beauty to be found in it?

It says, “Hi here I am, I’m ready to surrender to love.”

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