This Guide article by holistic healer and Reiki practitioner Phylameana lila Desy brings into perspective why relationships can serve us great learning experiences. The Empowering Team sees how this mirror exercise can be useful in understanding why someone is pushing your buttons—and how he or she can benefit you spiritually.

People whose personalities and actions tend to push our buttons the most are generally our greatest teachers. These individuals serve as our mirrors and teach us what needs to be revealed about ourselves. Seeing what we don’t like in others helps us look deeper inside ourselves for similar traits and challenges that need healing, balancing, or changing.

When someone is first asked to understand that an irritating person is merely offering him a mirror image of himself, he will strongly resist this idea. Rather, he will argue that he is not the angry, violent, depressed, guilt-ridden, critical, or complainer person that his mirror/teacher is reflecting. The problem lies with the other person, right? Wrong, not even by a long shot. It would be convenient if we could always place the blame on the other person, but this is not always so easy. First ask yourself ,”If the problem truly is the other fellow’s and not my own then why does being around that person affect me so negatively?”

Our Mirrors May Reflect

  1. Our Shortcomings
    Because character flaws, weaknesses, etc. are more easily seen in others than in ourselves, our mirrors help us to be able to see our shortcomings more clearly.

  2. Magnified Pictures
      Mirroring is often magnified to enhance getting our attention. What we see is enhanced to look larger than life so we won’t overlook the message, making sure we get the BIG PICTURE. For example: Although you are not even close to being the overbearing critical type of character that your mirror is reflecting, seeing this behavior in your mirror will help you see how your nitpicking habits are not serving you.
  3. Repressed Emotions
      Our mirrors will often reflect emotions that we have comfortably repressed over time. Seeing someone else display unleashed similar emotions may very well touch on our stuffed feelings to help bring them to the surface for balancing/healing.

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By Phylameana lila Desy, “What Are Our Mirror Reflections Trying to Teach Us?” an Guide for Holistic Healing

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