Make things right with those you have wronged or who have wronged you.  Empowerment is taking the first step to reach out and request a meeting or phone call. It’s better to get together with cool heads, than to separately stay mad, while matters escalate to a heated crisis.

Humbly agree with your adversary. If they feel hurt by you, apologize for hurting their heart. If they feel misunderstood by you, say, “I’m sorry” and listen intently to what they are trying to convey. If they feel hurt by you, you may not have to say a word. When you listen well you communicate love, respect and patience. Validate your accuser’s feelings and you validate them. Take responsibility for your actions and seek to be reconciled to your adversary.

Furthermore, a fractured relationship with someone  hinders our connection with the source, and lowers our vibration and frequency.  Yes, taking the time to build a bridge of acceptance over a chasm of rejection is evidence of heart consciousness

Sometimes as we soften our hearts, their heart softens. As we calm the tone of our words and lower the volume of our voice, our accusers might do the same. As we take a step toward them, they may take a step toward us. Therefore, don’t wait on your adversary to make the first move. Make things right by deciding not to fight. Go humble yourself and agree with them so you both win. Empowering you and them.


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