Love 101. Throw away ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, burn your pick up line book and kiss good bye to that awkward blind date that leaves you squeezing through a window in the bathroom or make a cat women escape from your creepy date that keeps laugh snorting and has what looks like a chunk of beef stuck in their teeth even though they swear they are vegan. Hmmm? Welcome to the world of new-age love. Instant romantic online dinner orders, online entertainment, and now a new digital gateway to meet you soul mate at the click of a button. Here are the top things you need to know about finding your twin flame, written by some poor sucker who has made all the mistakes in digital love for you. Don’t mention it. Save yourself the bruises and baggage, I got this…

Yeah you heard me. Tinder. Even the symbol for the app is a flame! This new age gizmo bringing to meaning to the idea of having a ‘connection’ with someone, literally.  It is as simple as swiping right for us, left for no and you can either treat it as a future spouse catalogue and see it as ‘online shopping’ or dive deeper into the candidates 500 word blurb to see just how much you might have in common.  However a small disclaimer, as with anything online – proceed with caution. Creeps still lurk in the cyber corners of Tinder so make sure you shoot your cupids arrow straight and be straight up with what you are looking for. Well not too straight up.  For example, if you are not wanting a raunchy one nighter, make that clear that you are looking for a relationship and vice versa.

Virtual Courage.

Using the internet as your cloak of invincibility has been a super power of many hackers, haters and thankfully now lovers! Yes, you have the super power to be protected in the loveisphere! So put on your big person pants and email, like, connect, swipe right with the people you think are a bit wink-wink!

Market Yourself

Uh-hum, I said market, not advertise yourself – there is a big difference. Don’t falsely promote who are you by taking darkly lit high angle selfies or talking yourself up to the point that they are borderline fibs. Keep it real! No one likes being fooled, don’t play the fool….

Ditch the Games

Gone are your snakes and ladder days (no euphemism intended) so put down the coin and given the heads I text him tales I what until he texts me. Life isn’t rocket science. If you want to message him, and you do, and they don’t message back, then they dear friend – are a dick! Simple….

Put it out there

Yip you get what you give! Karma! Manifest! Energy! It is all same-same. So write a list of the type of partner you want, check it twice and make sure you are nice. Because nice people finish first. Contrary to what naysayers will try and tell you…

You are welcome…
P.S. I love you for reading this article by the way. My heart to yours.


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