Your Sexual IQ

Sexual intelligence matters. How healthy and savvy are you about sex? Take this quiz from the famous Dr. Joyce Brothers and find out.

Dr. Joyce Brothers gained fame in late 1955 by winning The $64,000 Question game show, on which she appeared as an expert in the subject area of boxing. Originally, she had not planned to have boxing as her topic, but the sponsors suggested it, and she agreed. A voracious reader, she studied every reference book about boxing that she could find; she would later tell reporters that it was thanks to her good photographic memory that she assimilated so much material and answered even the most difficult questions.

She later claimed to have been the first television psychologist, explaining to The Washington Post, “I invented media psychology. I was the first. The founding mother.”

Dr. Brothers’ quizzes were the most popular feature in Parade Magazine for many years, with a readership of more than 70 million.

Your Sexual IQ


There's no reason why power, in itself, should be an aphrodisiac.

Men are the only ones who use and abuse power in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, young people are more apt to be sexually promiscuous today than they were in the past.

The better educated a woman; the more likely she is to limit sex life to one, or two persons.

The appeal of parenthood increases as men and women become better educated.

Sex is definitely non-partisan, and is no predictor of sexual attitudes.

Turning down the bedroom lights make sex better.

If your man suddenly starts behaving like a macho caveman, one of the best ways to get him over it is to play the stereotypic female role.

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