RESEARCH: Avivah Wittenburg Cox the CEO of 20-First the consultancy that champions womens roles in business has published some research conducted across 101 leading global companies, Womenomics 101.

The 2010 research focuses not on the usual “how many women are on the board” but on the more particular issue of how many women are on the executive committee; that is the most senior executives in the organisation. The research shows that the US is in fact leading the way in this area, with 87% of the US companies surveyed having at least one women on the executive committee, while only 44% of European companies did and Asian companies managing it only 23% of the time.

She is not overly impressed by this statistic though, as even in the States women only make up 15% of executive committees (Europe 7%; Asia 3%) – which by anyone’s standards is not that emancipated.

Wittenburg Cox has a slew of statistics that indicate that women are better educated and make up over half the workforce in most regions of the world these days – and yet continue to be represented poorly at the highest levels. She has also noted that the glass ceiling is still something of an aspiration, as in reality the number of senior women in organisations tends to fall away after a ceiling is reached rather than plateau. In a recent presentation she dismissed the argument that these figures are in large part due to the child-rearing issue – pointing out that it is time that men took their full share of parental responsibility.

Read the Womenomics 101 Research here.

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