The overnight success story…

Let’s face it, when we see that “overnight” success story, a part of us thinks “ya, that must be nice”.  We tend to have an unconscious bias that they just happened to be at the right place at the right time, or somehow life is just easier for them.  It seems as though so many “artists” just pop up from out of nowhere, from sports, to the music scene, even on the big screen.  What most fail to realize what takes place behind the scenes (process) vs what is exposed to us (outcome).

For the longest time it seemed as though so many individuals were achieving this crazy success.  I found I had many similar goals as these people, yet couldn’t put my finger on what the underlying factors were between their success and my lack thereof.  It wasn’t clear to me that I had some self-defeating beliefs that found comfort in rationalizing that maybe they were just born that way.  The next logical step was to start reading and doing some research on all those success stories and try to link what was different.

The sad thing is society only reveals the outcome, yet rarely ever opens the doors to the basement of where the years, and in some cases decades, of hard work, discipline, sacrifice, and determination to never give up no matter what the cost, are instilled.  What I missed for many years was that this behavior is simply learned and can be duplicated.  It’s the process that these professionals spend their time on.  It’s the craft they perfect.  The person they become and an organic byproduct of this journey in growth happens to be success.

Once I figured out the difference in changing my focus from being outcome driven to process driven, my desires began to materialize.   One of the more fun examples was when I started a Rock & Roll band with a very close group of friends.  Sure we had the dream to go big but for us it was more for the process to bond, to grow, and to create some incredible music and memories.  We spent years grinding out practice, lugging our gear around from show to show to only play for a few siblings and extremely proud parents, but we had such a great outlook that we enjoyed this process.  It was then that we began to actually get paid, until low and behold a record deal fell into our laps and we started to play some bigger venues to packed houses.  By trusting in the process, the outcome eventually finds its way to you.

Today’s Challenge: Stop focusing on the “outcome” and write down the process.  Study what it will take to get you closer to your goal, by honing your skills of what you have control over.

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