If you have

… 1 second:

Sit up straight.

Research suggests that people with good posture have more confidence in their thoughts than slouchers.

2 seconds:

Practice Good Scents.

One study found that women felt more confident in social, business and romantic situations when wearing perfume.

3 seconds:

Knock Wood.

Psychologists have shown that embracing superstitions and carrying good luck charms can help you perform tasks better.

5 seconds:

Nod Along.

When you nod your head while listening to someone, research has shown that your belief in what you’re thinking is heightened.

10 seconds:


Social psychologist Laura Kray, PhD, has demonstrated that smiling, laughing and engaging in slight physical contact when negotiating can help you win the day.

12 seconds:

Get pumped.

For a quick shot in the arm, life and business strategist Tony Robbins practices a unique ritual—and, crazy as it sounds, it works. Shake out your body, clench your hands like claws, and rock back and forth, breathing in and out quickly. Stop moving, then shake out your body again. Now clap, shout the word “Yes!” five times—and head out there to face the world.

Simple rules for boosting self-esteem—now achievable in one hour or less.
By Arianna Davis and Emma Haak

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