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We might catch ourselves wishing to be normal. This is because cultural rules define what is normal, and we sometimes opt to fit in over being ourselves. Being our true selves is what natural is all about—something The Empowering Team encourages you to be in this article by Laurence De Rusha.

Normal is consistency.  It is a combination of the cultural, community, and parental consciousness superimposed upon your thinking.  These thoughts are so ingrained that you often accept them as your truth.  All of these overlays are the beliefs of others, and each is having an impact or influence on your life.  Overlays are normal.

Normal does not tolerate variation.  It does not permit passion, zeal, or aliveness.  The words “average” or “flat” are typical descriptions for normal.  Spikes of aliveness are considered uncontrollable by normal.  Normal is control. Normal is the qualitative appeal to the largest number. Ultimately, normal suffocates what is natural.

Whenever I stop being natural and allow normal to take charge, I do things that are heavy; that is, they feel heavy and sometimes out of integrity.  Working at a job just for the money is normal for me.

When I can’t reach a deeper meaning to my work, I suffocate what is natural. My creativity disappears. My mind becomes cynical and I become aloof. In order to live with myself, I have to shut off feelings. Ultimately, if I go very long this way, I dislike myself and feel victimized and helpless. The downward spiral continues until I change my mind and move into being natural.

Along with these normal overlays are the core facts about you that are immutable, such as your gender, race, or age. You cannot escape these. You, and each of us, is subjected to the collective pool of beliefs that define who you are, how you are, and how you see the world.

For example, to be French in the 20th century is a part of the collective. It will not allow you to think, act, and feel like a Martian in the 30th century or a Roman patriot in the 1st century. This collective thought stream is part of the inescapable evolutionary force.

Normal is not wrong. It works for the masses as it is supposed to work,  just as natural is not right or wrong. It works for the individual who understands his or her inner life.

Normal learning is from outside of you. Being human we are all brought up to believe we must look outside to determine who we are, what our life should be, and what we should have.

Our purpose, relationships, livelihood, even health, are all subjected to this normal. Parents, preachers, friends, media, scientists, philosophers—all have opinions they wish to share and have you adopt. As you grew up, you wanted to believe these people.

As a child you accept these normal beliefs as being the truth. Especially because they come from people you have to trust: parents, early caretakers, etc. You want to be loved and be approved of by your family. Therefore, you adopt their beliefs. You simply take what is said as true.

When you go through life only believing what others “know to be the truth,” you begin to mistrust your own knowing. Although other people may have built their beliefs on mistaken information, you, believing in them, build your beliefs on their inaccurate understanding.

Are you sure of yourself and your purpose? If not, you can be bounced along in the chaotic environment of what others believe you should be, should do, or should have. If you change to meet the opinions and advice of others, you learn that all the opinions and ideas change with time and they will offer<<FINISH SENTENCE OFFER WHAT?.

The concept that there is a power within everyone and within you that can be trusted and relied on for the truth may seem foreign or it may spark a recognition of this truth. Normal thinking might suggest that this is not true. But we are talking about what is natural. It is your higher Self or higher Mind.

The world (what is normal) would have you believe that you cannot trust this inner knowing. Or, they say, only certain people have this capacity. The truth is you cannot always trust that others know what is best for you. They may know what is best for the masses or for themselves. But you need to make your choices consciously from your own inner knowing: The power is within!


In contrast to what is normal, natural is what you know from within. Being natural is to be you. Of course, this naturalness is innate within you. But if you have shut off feeling because of doing what is normal, you will have to learn to reawaken natural.

Willis Harman said in Peace Is Possible, “One of the most far-reaching of the findings related to consciousness has been dubbed ‘the self-fulfilling prophecy.’ More precisely, it is that our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, create the future in ways more subtle and more powerful than we ordinarily take it into account.”<<LINK TO BOOK?

I have facilitated workshops for many years and found it natural work. I have worked with groups that would act out psychodramas, classical myths, and stories to help understand what might apply to their lives. I have worked with businesses facilitating creativity workshops. I feel more alive and spirit-filled when I am doing this work than not. It was natural!

Businesses executives are becoming aware that employees who work from what is natural are fulfilled. Fulfilled people are more productive, more excited about life and work, and more connected to the company vision and mission.

What is natural is different for each individual.  What is natural for you may not be natural for anyone else!  Natural is trusting that you have within you a grand design and the ability to know it: You can know who you are, where you are going, and what the future wants for you.

I hear you saying, “How?” Some of the answers lie in the vast subjects of science. Scientific research points to the fact that each DNA molecule contains the encoding of entire blueprint of the whole being; the whole is contained in the parts.

The big bang theory says everything began from the One. The logical extension of this is the quantum theory of interconnectedness. Each part that exploded out of the original is still a part of that original, and it must contain the whole within it. An example is the holographic universe, or holoverse. A hologram is a picture that is projected from a photographic plate. An example of this is the image on a Visa or Mastercard charge card. Break the image into two pieces. What is the result? Both pieces contain the whole picture! If you break each of these pieces again, they will contain the whole image. We are like that.

Therefore, the answers to who you are and where you are going are already within you awaiting your authentic inquiry. It’s natural to explore your inner self and we’re fortunate to be living at a time when there is so much information available on how to do that.


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