There are moments in our life that arise every day that plant seeds of change.  An incident that gives us the chance that could forever alter the trajectory of life.  It is upon this happening that most will simply continue on with their day, not thinking twice about the magic they could have had that would forever change life as they know it.  I was fortunate to have one of those days yesterday.

I was walking my son around the block after work.  I love the time change that allows for me to experience the end of the day with my kids with the Southern California sunshine beaming down as the day comes to a close.  As we were walking, phone in hand, I was attempting to play catch up on some work emails as well as read a few articles I’ve been wanting to skim over when half way through, I realized I was robbing my son of his time.  I wasn’t fully present and I was merely giving my son a corpse to walk alongside.  I was failing at creating a life worth living and was indirectly reinforcing that this type of behavior is acceptable.  I quickly corrected this short lapse in judgement and fought through the feeling of anxiousness that there was still so much work to do.  By taking a couple deep breaths, the emotions began to settle and I finally put my phone away and cleared my mind.  I focused on changing my perception from trying to cram more work in, and transitioned to being present, when an intense rush of gratitude overcame me.  Simply by allowing this incremental change from within, I was able to truly be in the moment and witness my son absolutely loving this experience realizing his father had returned.  He was holding my hand (more accurately my finger) in his, while picking up leaves in the other, there were moments that I was able to capture of him laughing at dogs along with the neighborhood kids playing across the street.  This is the pulse of life that I had almost missed that day.  Until now, I had been fully disconnected.  This is what life is about.  The funny thing is that nothing had externally changed as I was still walking with my son, however it was my awareness level and mood change that took me from the mindset of “just trying to keep up with life” and redirected it to the more gratifying “I get to create life”.  How many times throughout a given day do we go through the motions not realizing the gift of life?

Todays Challenge: Look for the beauty in life today.  Turn OFF autopilot and as cliché as it sounds, live as if today was it.  Give yourself the gift of savoring every flavor that presents itself to you.  Be fully invested in your conversations today.  Tell someone how special they are and how deeply you care for them.  It’s time to start living in color!

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