Studying the link between abandonment and super heroes

The magic of a Super Hero is without doubt one of the most inspiring things that touches us during childhood. Think of the Disney classics you use to watch that taught us to never give up, reaching for the stars, to be our self and to always believe. The Super Heroes of today have modernized a lot from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, the Wallies and Nemos, and today add a new dimension to our youths’ imagination and although the animation and design elements are on a whole new level than the cartoons we may have grown up with, the under lying message has never changed, proving that all kids still just seek one thing – someone to look up to.

I am an author and researcher and have collected a range of information about abandoned children. Some are abandoned as a result of adoption, being orphaned, through divorce,  or death of parents.  While researching this topic I stumbled across a life changing link between abandonment and success that changed the course of my writing. A mind boggling 80% of some of the biggest humanitarians of our time started their life experiencing abandonment in some capacity, giving them an independent and unique perspective of the world, a talent whether it be through innovation, entertainment or inspiration helping them to change the world they were born, into a better place. I am talking about Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Aristotle even Jesus! But something even more interesting – some of the biggest childhood heroes of our time also originated from a fictional world of abandonment.

Abandoned Super Heroes have been inspiring us for years, and I think children who themselves are experiencing the effects of adoption, foster, orphan, divorce or a death of a parent should know that some Super Heroes have gone through the same experience, and more importantly that they can still achieve anything they want to in life. In fact without the life changing experience, they may not have wanted to make the world a better place…

Super Heroes who changed the world and who experienced abandonment in some capacity:

• Harry Potter, parents killed by evil wizard Lord Voldemort.

• Batman, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (Robin), parents’ murders turned them to fighting crime.

• Mowgli of The Jungle Book, lost by his parents and raised by wolves.

• Superman, sent to earth without his parents from his doomed home planet.

• Tarzan, raised by apes after deaths of parents.

• Nemo, Nemo’s mother passes away, leaving him in a single father family.

• Cinderella, orphaned left to live with her step family.

• Spiderman, orphaned brought up by his grandparents.

• Wolverine, abandoned by parents for being a mutant.

• Snow White, orphaned by the death of her father the King.

• James Bond, orphaned by the death of both of his parents in an accident.


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