Due to our busy hectic everyday lives we often forget to stop and check in with our selves to see how we are really feeling and what we are thinking about. It’s in these times we manage to do this, we often find ourselves thinking quite negative thoughts about things we should have done, or situations around us that are causing difficulties and problems, we don’t seem to often think about any positive things, which is also why we don’t like to slow down and stop to have quiet time. This negative thinking is because as we grow up our mind is conditioned to think in this way, holding onto the negative things about ourselves and our life, and not embrace those positive memories and parts of self that can actually help us to build inner confidence and self-esteem. This negative conditioning also manifested through things that happened to us as we were growing up, affecting and unbalancing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Also, situations from our daily everyday life too–it’a mirage of a combination of factors that helped to shape the way we think, feel, and act.

This conditioning of our thought processes can take a long time to heal, change, and re-calibrate into a space where we can begin to embrace the positive thinking processes, which bring empowerment. Through this new way of embracing our life it then starts to attract positive experiences and opportunities into our life. It is not an easy process to completely change a life time of bad habits and conditioned thinking, but through learning to embrace your inner child with open loving arms, and cradle your inner child with a nurturing mothers love, this will begin the deep healing and transformation of your life, starting with how you think and feel about your self.

To work with your inner child you have to be ready to lay your soul bare, literally surrender and allow your inner child to show you everything about your self and your life so you can see what needs healing, where it originated from, why it happened, and how it made you feel. During this process it can bring a lot of emotions and feelings up as you begin the releasing process, and as you continue to embrace your inner child in your loving arms holding, cradling, and loving your inner child unconditionally this will start the nurturing and healing of your heart and soul filling it with love, to heal the self-love part of you, so you can start to love all of you unconditionally, even those parts you have questioned and not liked.

During this process you will learn that every part of you is you, even those parts you haven’t liked and felt uncomfortable with deserve to have as much love as those parts you already do love. By embracing all of you in this way starts to bring the healing you need, and through the healing process you will start to feel whole, balanced, contentment, a sense of freedom, and unconditional love that your inner child has been crying out for.

Always hold your inner child within your heart with love and your life will flow with richness, and every time you look at your self you will see your inner child smiling back at you empowering you with unconditional love.

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