Building confidence is the key to helping your life move the way you want to, and to acquire what you want, it gives you the ability to be heard and seen, and to be recognized and acknowledged for who and what you are with respect and worthiness.

Our confidence can be knocked from other people and things that happened to us as we were growing up and in our present life if we haven’t gained confidence or it may just be part of your character that you feel you have had since you were born, but usually lack of confidence comes from issues from our past.

As we grow up it’s our parents and other adults we are close to that can help build our confidence.  This can be from praise and making you feel valued and loved, as when you are growing up in a secure loving home this builds the confidence within your soul.

During our school years this is another area where confidence can get knocked from peers and even teachers that can attack you just because of who and what you are. For example if you were timid and shy others could have ridiculed you for this, and even bullied you, which attacked your belief in self and slowly filtered into your soul to cause low self-esteem issues and lack of self-worth. The more you were ridiculed and laughed at the more you started to believe the jibes made by others, over time this eventually knocked any confidence you may have had and been trying to build up, which resulted in you going within and literally trying to cut off from everything.

So upbringing, schooling and society (friends and other family members and just the general public) play a huge part in either instilling your confidence or taking it away, but what’s important to note here is it all comes down to how you handle your life and what you do when you are faced by those that try to pull you down and take away your confidence, remember we are in charge of our life and our energy (feelings, thoughts, emotions), we are the ones that allow negative behavior to affect us, and we are the ones that allow the negative energy to filter in to our mind, body, and soul that can play havoc with our self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence, and we are the ones that can learn to power up our confidence and stand strong in the adversary attacks from others.

But how do you learn to build confidence after years of having a lack of confidence? That takes time to master and it comes from believing in self, loving self , honoring self, and seeing yourself as a worthy person who deserves to be heard, acknowledged, liked, and loved for who and what you are.

Far too often as we grow up we try to fit in with peer groups and as we get older to fit in with certain social groups, even family gatherings where we are not being authentic, because we feel that to be authentic others wouldn’t like the real us. To build confidence it starts from being authentic which is the building blocks to confidence building because when we are authentic we are being our true self, and isn’t it far better to be the real you than someone you are really not, isn’t it better to be the real you and have people respect you for who and what you are than accept you just because you fit in with them and their world? When you are authentic those that are worthy to be part of your life are the ones that will love you for you and never expect you to change for them or for circumstances just so you fit in with their friends, work situations, or family.

To build confidence start with learning to love yourself and to be authentic, be who you really are, and don’t hide the real you because you feel you are not good enough, because you are good enough, you are a wonderful person, you are special. Start to be open and express your thoughts and feelings, voice your voice, be heard, be seen, don’t hide, shine. Soon you will notice how people start to react to you differently and how you can approach new people and experience new things because as your confidence grows you can at last be the real you. It’s all about how you express yourself and how authentic you are, the more truthful you are to yourself and others the more respect you have for self, and the more you will start to attract all the right things and right people into your life too.

Never compromise yourself because you feel you are not good enough, or not worthy, or don’t fit in, never hide the real beautiful you, be you and be true to you always then you will shine with confidence and your life will begin to flow the way you wish it to be, and how it’s meant to be for ultimate soul growth. Be proud to be you, honor and love yourself, because you are love.


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