Disconnect to Reconnect

There are times when life begins to crowd in on us. We need relief—relief from the routine, relief from responsibilities, relief from relationships, or just relief from the human condition and life’s challenges.

Are you on the edge of complete exhaustion? Is your tolerance for any more trouble at the tipping point of chronic fatigue? If so, it is time to disconnect from distractions so you can reconnect to yourself. You preclude coming apart emotionally and physically when you step out of the madness by letting go and releasing all that crazy making energy and negative thoughts.

Our private investment in setting aside time for reflection, releasing, and self Empowerment gives our daily grind sustainability. If we are always available to everyone, then we are not effective with anyone. If we are always engaged and overwhelmed in the negative, we become to disengaged to discern the positive alternatives in life. So how are we to reconnect in our daily lives? The key is that of allocating time on a daily basis to reflect, meditate, take short walks, and reconnect with nature, then focus on releasing and letting-go.

Your responsibilities will not rest while you rest, but Empowering your faith in others will take care of any crisis that may arise. For you to disconnect from your duties means you prepare ahead of time to transition from your daily tasks while you are away. Do not be ensnared by your ego that always wants to be wanted, or tricks you into thinking no one else can do the job. Let others learn what you know so you can build trust in a positive outcome without your need to control. We grow stale and stagnate if we refuse to empower others, but we are energized by engaging our trust in service to others.

When we disconnect, we are trusting the universe to create solutions through others in spite of ourselves. Your break from work and home is an opportunity for a colleague or family member to step up and be blessed with a new opportunity to be stretched. Why keep all the challenging circumstances to yourself? Let go, then reconnect, so others can gain invaluable experience and feel the joy of self Empowerment.


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