What’s the point of all those items on your check list if no one acknowledges them (least of all yourself)?
Do you give yourself permission to be happy with a job well done? Do you let yourself feel proud of your accomplishments + hard work – or simply race onto the next item on your TO-DO list?

Children’s self-esteem is built from their parents (or caregivers) reflecting to them their value. Known as “mirroring”, when we reflect their goodness, tell them they did a good job, compliment, uplift and encourage them – children internalize this perception and become confident in their abilities and sure of themselves. They know their worth.

Somehow, as adults, we forget that part of growing up is becoming our own parents. To foster this positive sense of Self, we must learn to encourage, support and mirror back to ourselves our goodness and success.

Unfortunately, the mind tends towards the negative. This is simply the nature of the mental body: critical, analytical and judging. The job of the thinking mind is to feel itself in action; to focus on what else it can do; to solve the next problem. So, we have to re-train the muscle of the mind and chisel it into positive form. In other words, we teach ourselves (out of habit) the skill of being happy, positive and focused on our goodness.

Take the challenge to Celebrate Your Successes!

Every little thing that happens today, acknowledge your success. If you promised yourself you were going to work out or pay your bills and you did – celebrate your victory. Any compliment you receive, take a moment to let it land in your body. Feel the sensations of pride, satisfaction, appreciation. Congratulate yourself.

The best way to flip the switch in your mind is right before you go to sleep at night – train yourself to review your day and focus on your successes, instead of worrying about everything that you wish was different. Flex the muscle of positive thinking in your mind by reinforcing your daily victories.

Acknowledge yourself, your efforts, follow-through and all the good you did today. Then, feel in your body the sensations of satisfaction, pride and appreciation.

Here’s to celebrating your successes!

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