When setting yourself to achieve something you must become willing to suffer to get there. You will suffer, as suffering instills growth among us. This is why when you set something you must truly want it for yourself. There will be times where it will feel that what you are doing is absurd and unworthy. It is in those time that you must rely on the strength of your vision to see you through.

The road of achievement is filled with distraction. That is why your vision must become an obsession. That way you don’t distract yourself with the things that look to pull you off that path of achievement. All it takes is for you to discipline yourself. you have to train yourself to hold focus toward that one certain thing and continually pursue that everyday until you reach the point where you’ve always came to see yourself at. Every moment is yours, simply lying at your disposal to craft it into whatever it is that you wish to.

The reality by which you create is lived and made from the moment. It doesn’t happen right away because you must build enough forward to look back and come to realize what it is that you have crafted among yourself. This places a responsibility among you. You are made to desire your dream and bring that to the reality of which you live. When you live your dream you love your life. What you do in making it so that achievement is no longer something that you struggle for, it’s now something you love. With that you come to loving life itself and that instills a fulfillment of honor and peace among our self.

Life is easy going and pursuing and achieving your dream is not hard whatsoever. The only difficult part is coming to convincing yourself that you are worth it to do so. You must replace doubt with trust among yourself, you have to love yourself and never allow anything to ever take that love away from you.

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