What does being authentic mean? How do I live an authentic way of life? What do I need to do to become an authentic person? If you are asking yourself these questions right now this article can help you to understand what it means to be and live in authenticity, and how to empower your authenticity so you can live a richer more fulfilling life.

An authentic way of life requires you to be true to you in all you think, do, and say. When we live an authentic way of life it holds more meaning for us, and it feels right within our heart. When you are true to you then life holds more meaning for you too, and you start to see what is right and wrong for you. All those doubts, fears, worries and questioning you use to have before go out the window, because when you flow in authenticity all those negative ego entrapments that held you back from being the real you, and living a life you really wished for disappear, and at last you can actually see everything around you and within you with more clarity. Everything holds more richness within your soul, and your spirit is led to the best things for you at all times.

This is when self-knowledge and self-awareness awakens, you literally become so in tune with your mind, body and soul that your life before will hold no meaning, because before you realiszd and acknowledged your true authentic self, you realize you weren’t really living at all. Your life before was held predominately within your ego, which brought trials and hardships to you, yes these can be great learning lessons for soul growth but they also brought a lot of heartache, loss, suffering, questioning, fear, frustration and even anger as you tried to get along with your ego life. But as soon as you wake up and see, hear, smell, taste and touch with your new authentic senses, life begins to hold more reason and understanding. It begins to have more depth and beauty, because when your authentic soul begins its new life everything you think, do and say has more meaning, and you just know what to do, where to go, what to say, and what to think. You become empowered by your own inner strength and power, that ignites your authentic path in life, and nothing will be the same again.

When you become authentic, and self-aware, it shifts your mind, body and soul to be free to choose the right things for you at the right time, because as you start to value yourself, you learn to give yourself more worth, and respect too. You learn to stand in your imperfections, because you can accept your humanity, you know you are not perfect, but you know that by living an authentic life you are being true to you, and your heart, and your soul, where you live an open, honest and engaged life. You literally awaken to what really matters in life, and what you really want and need for your own soul growth, and through this you find peace within, and joy too.

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