Who is alyzjah kellam and why is this beautiful man here?

You must appreciate the self love of the title because I feel so good baby!!!!!

Let me provide you with a little back story. Ok so my great grandfather Howard Johnson was his name. Howard Johnson was man who grew up in a time where blacks and whites were separate. He was a highly prejudiced man who did not believe in the mixing of a black or white. Why, who is Alyzjah Kellam, A mixed man. So obviously he highly disapproved of this. Whats special about this situation is that I changed this man. When I was born he was no longer racist. This is amazing to me because since the first time I came into this world I changed a heart. I changed a heart for the better.
Obviously I have no knowledge of the situation, I was a new born. But I’ve made the connection through my mom and grandmother explaining the remarkable shift of his behavior. They said that once I was born this man completely went from a level of hatred to love. That he protected me from racism and hatred himself and loved me unconditionally.
Even writing about this my heart is singing because it is so meaningful and special to me. My duty of why I am here is to do just that. I am on this planet to make it a better place to live. I am on this planet to help people discover the truth of what they have forgot. The truth of the soul, the truth of the wisdom, the truth of the universe itself.

I was not always like this. Growing up was actually highly weird for me, I didn’t suffer from the same issues that any other kid would. I didn’t suffer from the issues adults would. From birth and growing up I was already somewhat awakened. I didn’t realize why I was the way I was, I didn’t know why it was that I didn’t care to participate in other peoples issue, I didn’t know why the world was so hate filled, I didn’t know how the world was set up to run, the only thing I cared to know was love.
Pure expression of myself.

Having this awakened mind was a struggle because I couldn’t make sense out of myself, I would look around and view my peers and ask why it was that I was the way I was and why it was they are the way that they are. I spent my whole adolescent life learning who I was, not concerned by what it is that school was teaching, not concerned by where I was going in life, but concerned with learning who I was. My whole life was spent in poverty, but if you met me you wouldn’t think I was broke. I never carried myself like I didn’t have money because I already felt like I had it all. I saw that money doesn’t determine your happiness, money is just a thing that will make you judge yourself.

I was friends with people from all different social classes, that others have categorized them to be. Everyone just generally liked me, I didn’t know why, I didn’t feel entitled to them liking me. Going through school I didn’t really like bullying. I didn’t really like seeing someone get picked on by someone else for the benefit of just making that person feel bad. That wasn’t really cool to me. Going through school it started off as something that I liked to do. I loved to learn new things. But as I got older going through school I lost interest because they consistently taught us the same ciricilum every year. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic. They weren’t teaching us how to be ourselves. They didn’t teach us how to think for ourselves, they were trying to teach us that we had to think this certain way. It was my senior year of high school that I finally discovered who it is that I was. Why it was that I was the way I was.

I discovered spirituality, that’s then when I began down this path I’m on now. Its funny looking back, because I see that I have came so far from their. I also understand that the universe presented itself to me at the right moments to discover it.
You see that’s important because I’ve learned that when my mind understands something clearly I then I have the ability to explain it for other people to understand it. I am a messenger, simple as that. I carry a message of anything that I know.

I am a Gemini which makes sense to why I am here because the Gemini is just that. You see our whole lives is just a journey to discover our self. When you discover who it is that you are at the core, you then find your purpose to why you our here. I used here all of that and just wonder what it meant but I finally understand it. The only way to discover your purpose is to take the time to pursue and learn who you are. Observe your past and see how you acted in situations, question your emotions and ask why it is that you are feeling that way.watch full film The Man Who Knew Infinity 2016

One thing that helped me find who I was, was writing. Through writing I was able to express myself at every angle, which is better than speaking because when you speak you can’t explain all it is that you want to say. Speaking only allows for a one at a time approach, but if you take the time to write its like you’re speaking to yourself, its a back and forth communication trying to find out what it is that you want to say.

I am a man with a goal of changing the world for the better.
I am a man that is trying to show that their is more to life than just working and dying.
I am a man that has devoted my life to make the lives of others a better place.
To provide them with a great experience.
I am a man of strict love, of strict joy.
I am a man that is so excited to learn more and grow.
A man that just wants the best for all.

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