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It can be liberating and life-changing to act as if you had only one year to live and you were reviewing all the important points in your past up until now. Often our modesty wants us to overlook our accomplishments so be sure and include positives. The Empowered Team thinks these questions will help guide you in your life review—so you can start creating a new future.

When we take the past and project our future, we are really using the brain’s basic ability to take a pattern of the past and project it forward.  Most of the time we want a different future. Therefore, we need to let go of the past, resolve traumas that have left an imprint on us and move beyond the past, filling in with positive thoughts and qualities.

Assess your past and beliefs with these questions. Be very honest because this is only for and about you, and be sure and expand on the reasons why you answer yes or no. Answer here or in a journal.

1. Write a brief overview of who you believe you are. 

Are you honest with others?Do you like to be around people?

Are you someone who needs more time alone than your friends?

Do you communicate well with your family and friends?

Have you picked jobs because of the money or the challenge or excitement?

Are you always late for appointments?

Are you lazy?


Are you living your life or does it seem it is living you?

2. What do you remember most when you look at your past? What experiences?

Was there a particular school event when you were very young?

Did you help someone when he or she was in trouble?

Did you accomplish goals you set for yourself in school or college?

Perhaps you brought people together for a positive purpose?

Was one of the events related to a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife?

Maybe you worked for a charity or non-profit organization?

3. What were the best experiences in your life?

Maybe you organized a food bank?

Did you help in a senior or retirement home?

Possibly you helped your best friend through a divorce?

Did you organize a church choir?

4. Who influenced you the most?

Father, mother, sibling, friend? Take a moment and write down who influenced you the most and in what ways.

5. What are all the positive traits, skills, talents you have learned so far?

6. What are the three most important accomplishments of your life so far?

Think about both business, academic and personal accomplishments. What goals have you achieved or promotions earned at work?

Perhaps you have written a book or made a CD?

You might want to take another piece of paper and write down as many as you can.  Then go through them and pick the top three accomplishments and write about them in your journal.

7. When you look at your life, do you foresee a future that is positive or negative? Why?


This is the “you” as you believe now. These beliefs keep us stuck, move us along and project on others.

This might be the you wanting to embark on a “new you.”

If you want a future you create, change your beliefs.

Check out Laurence De Rusha’s book The Future of the Future about a creation technique that uses the brain’s power to create a certain future—a future you desire!

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