What you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day and ultimately your life. Often we are stuck in a mundane robotic routine, oblivious to what our bodies really need each morning.
Here are some helpful tips to help you bring more awareness to the most important part of your day.

1. As soon as you wake up, find gratitude and appreciation for three things. It could be how good you slept, or if you didn’t sleep well, find a blessing in the fact that you have a cozy bed and can rest later. Gratitude that the sun is shining or that you are healthy. There is always something to be grateful for. Starting your day with an attitude of thankfulness attracts more abundance into your life each day.

2. While you brush your teeth and wash your face, move your body around. Jump up and down a little. Give your organs a little pat with a loose fist, as in an ancient Chinese technique called Do-In self massage. Twist your body and stretch to stimulate your circulation and energy flow, help your thyroid function, and elimination process. Decrease inflammation by creating more synovial fluid in your joints and encourage overall well-being.

3. Give yourself time to eliminate. Often times we don’t give ourselves enough time to relax and let our bodies process. While you are giving your body time to eliminate you can kill two birds with one stone by then checking in on your smart phone to see what the day holds or checking in on your favorite blog to gather new tips like these.

4. Check in with yourself to see what you really need and want to accomplish today. Get a clear idea of your to do list and what you have the energy to accomplish each given day. Listen to your body. Some days you may feel like you can conquer the world, other days may require less doing and more resting. It is counter productive to push yourself beyond your means. Sometimes one thing a day is plenty.

5. Never leave your house without telling your loved ones how you feel about them and never leave on bad terms. Make things right if there was a disagreement or promise to put it aside and talk later but always express to them your love before you leave. If you live alone then make an effort to check in with your loved ones with a text or a phone call. The effort you put into your relationships will come back ten fold and you will also be making someone else’s day by doing so.

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