The operations of the mind are produced by two parallel modes of activity, the one is conscious, and other-than-conscious (called subconscious) mind.

This other-than-conscious mind is where logical processes are carried on with a certainty and regularity which would be impossible if there existed the possibility of error.  How could our bodies operate otherwise?

This other-than-conscious mind is the most important mental phenomena.  It is in this other-than-conscious mind that we tap the Universal Mind as well.  Here is where great writers, musicians, poets, playwrights, etc. find not only their inspiration, but also their ability to see this something they go on to create.

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As I mentioned Carl Jung, one of the most famous of  modern psychiatrist, talks about the “collective unconscious”.  He said that everyone has a personal part of this collective.  This individual part is the repository of your thoughts, feelings, and events.  You also participate in a greater collective.  This is the collection of the thoughts, feelings, and events of the entire human species.  In the East it is known as the Akashic record ( This is a record of all your experiences in any lifetime). The experiences of whole of humanity are contained within these records.  The Bible refers to this as the Book of Memory. This Universal collective knows past and future.

The psychic person links into the personal unconscious of the individual. They can tell you about your past experiences, important events, and feelings by connecting to that repository of your living experiences.  This power is not limited to a psychic.  Each of us can and have done this with others at some time.

Each of us operates within the “one mind.”  We each have a personal use of that one mind.  We also participate in the collective.

There are various levels in the personal unconscious.  As you travel though past recent memories and current information, you enter into an area in which information about your many lifetimes and all past events reside.  At another level we enter the collective unconscious.  Here we have information from all human thinking, events, feelings.  The deepest of these levels is the Universal Mind.  The unity of all thought.

Can we know our destiny through psychic readings?  Yes and no!  You can tap into specific events that will happen.  However, you cannot know the trend, pattern and direction of your destiny this way.  Nor is it wise.  Our minds will often taken mistaken (psychic or otherwise) information and fulfill it, as if it were true.  Then, what have you gained but self-fulfilling prophecies that are inaccurate? The lower mind is obsessive.  It will take information like this and obsess about it.

The mind will create many distractions when learning to communicate with Destiny.  It is startling to discover all the things the mind can do when you want it to be quiet. A committee of inner voices will distract you as much as the voices of people around you.  This is mind chatter!  Mind chatter shows up in many ways: judgment, jealousy, fear, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-worth, inflated self-worth or constant nagging.  With all of these voices wanting attention, wanting to answer your inner most questions –is it any wonder that you become confused about the idea of intuition?

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