The world is stressed out. 

Looking around at what is happening in world gives us a glimpse into the amount of stress we deal with everyday: violence, wars, financial crisis, new diseases, ecological pressures, divorce rates, bullying, job pressures, etc.

Just look at the percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress – 77 percent, according to the website, Many of the people I talk with feel their stress has increased over the past five years. This is born out by the statistic showing 48 percent people agree. We launched and the Empowering Institute to celebrate and support positive living and its many facets, like positive thinking, and feeling which help to counteract stress.

One man’s tireless work has created a growing social movement today: Thích Nhất Hạnh and his Mindfulness programs. A recent magazine launch, Mindful-taking time for what matters, indicates how much people are searching for a solution. Another indicator is the number of conversations in the workplace about it.

A positive sign is the mindfulness movement has enter the curriculum of major colleges and universities, hospitals and medical offices and even corporate life. Although the practice is attributed to Buddhist tradition, mindfulness is really universal. For thousands of years it has been bringing people back to the present, helps them stay in the present, and in this way has the power to shift our work, lifestyle, relationships,  community and ourselves precisely because it reduces your stress.

We also support the concept of  affirmations.  We believe a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations helps relieve stress and gives each person a tool that can shift their life. We publish daily affirmations through our email. This allows people to awaken to a positive statement first thing in the morning.

We look for empowering tools, mental and emotional processes, that can help everyone who uses them to transform stressful reactions to circumstances. Our criteria is:

  1. Anyone can do them.
  2. They can be practice without harming yourself or anyone else.

We believe that a positive attitude supported by affirmations and empowering tools can change the stress statistics. The movement towards positive living is emerging all over the Internet. will tell the stories and celebrate the efforts of people that are improving the world through their positive attitudes, reduction of stress and through teaching empowerment and positive thinking. We’ll share advice, how-to instructions, tools, videos and news.

Because the world of mental, emotional, and spiritual training is a vast, billion dollar market that is unrestrained and unregulated,  it is also fertile ground for deceptions, misrepresentation and predators. Empowering Institute, a independent non-profit organization will provide a testing and review of workshops, seminars, coaching programs, home study courses, videos, and other systems for changing your life – to determine if they are helping you change it for the better.  However, the vary nature of this movement means what helps one person may not help another. What may seem obscure or misleading may indicate that you are not ready to hear it yet.

The staff of the Empowering Institute has over 40 years of experience in this market. We attended early mass marketed workshops like EST, Mind Dynamics, Lifespring, and many others. We have bought and worked with hundreds if not thousands of audio programs, videos and special study programs like tapping to success, Heart-math products like emWave2, Carolyn Myss’s Intuition program and many others. Over the last fifty years we have seen “celebrity” figures, powerful life changing programs (like the three mentioned above), and entire movements come and go.

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The Empowered Team

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