December 5, 2012

by FinerMinds Team,

Stress is something we all encounter, although the severity of it, and how it affects us, depends on our individual circumstances and the way we respond to it.

Is All Stress Bad?

Often when we hear the word “stress” and we immediately associate it with that rise in our blood pressure or that anxious feeling brewing in the pit of our stomach.

Although stress isn’t always the negative emotion we believe it to be, as it can be the thing that propels and motivates us to work harder, take action and achieve our goals. It’s often the hidden emotion driving us to excel and go beyond our “safe” limits.

Although of course high levels of stress over long periods of time, or severe stress as a result of a particularly difficult or traumatic experience, can be debilitating emotionally and physically.

For example, if you’ve experienced the breakdown of your marriage the level of stress you encounter will be significantly different and longer lasting than you stress you face if you’re up against a deadline at work.

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