Principles are, in essence, like a mechanical process and are either consciously directed or unconsciously directed by you and of themselves have no choice.  For instance, a natural law, gravity, unconsciously helps you walk, drive, ski, etc. You jump from a plane and gravity pulls you to the ground.  Jump out of the plane without a parachute and gravity will not say “whoops” and stop working.  It has no choice.

You can use gravity to assist you in skiing downhill and skiing uphill.  Uphill has different consequences: Same law different outcome.  Understanding and then working with the laws are therefore important.  If you are practice with them you can use these principles to their fullest extent to assist yourself in life.

These spiritual principles are just as important and just as impersonal as the physical laws.  They play no favorites!  They make no choices and have no volition on their own. The laws do not say that one person is more deserving than another person.  No big or little; no important or unimportant people, things or events.  Each person has access and use of these laws.

The Force: is the “doer” like a mechanical power.  It is not the knower of things.  It is the power that brings unseen potential (spirit) into the objective world (thought or matter).  It is activated by desire.

Desire creates a thought and stimulates a feeling.  This thought feeling combination strongly impresses itself on this Force and creates in the manifests. This thought feeling combination will manifest if it is not superseded by another stronger thought feeling.  There is a runway in your head that all the thought feelings lineup on for takeoff.  The one at the front of the line is the strongest and takes off.  If another comes along stronger than the one ready to go next it moves to the head of the line.

Principle of Thought Atmosphere: this is the sum total of all your thought feelings combination that are on the runway ready for takeoff.  Your thought atmosphere (the sum of conscious and unconscious) vibrates at a certain frequency.  Darker, more negative thoughts have a lower vibration and more positive thoughts have a higher vibration.  When you notice someone in a room, you will often notice they seem low and slow , depressed or heavy or light, quick  or excited.  Not that they are, but just that you feel this “atmosphere” around them.

Principle of Similars: you experience circumstance similar to your thought atmosphere.  In other words, similar begets similar.  For example, if you believe there is more evil in the world than good, then your perceptions will be tuned to see and hear about more evil and you will attract more evil experiences to yourself.  Your experiences become more and more like the thoughts you hold about life.  Said another way, what happens around you is the result of the subjective thought patterns, emotional field and repetitive conscious thought patterns. This is also known as the Law of Attraction. You attract experiences similar to your mental and feeling energy vibration.

Principle of Evolution: if you are not deliberately creating through conscious thought/feeling then the strongest unconscious thought/feelings will evolve into form. As mentioned earlier, all of these principles are impersonal. They do not make choices. You either make them consciously or not. If you have no strongly held conscious belief about relationships then the predominate unconscious belief will be the pattern from which you act.

Principle of Cause and Effect: says for every cause, there is corresponding effect. Cause (thought/feeling frequency) is impressed into the Force and the result is an action or new creation.  There must be a effect if there is a cause.

Also, your words are cause.  Every word carries energy.  If you have experienced an angry person lashing out at you then you understand the violent energy contained or encapsulated in the words.  The energy of those words accumulates to create a thought atmosphere the result of which attracts violence.  As a result, the angry person will, at some point, find themselves in confrontations.  Or perhaps they will suffer the ill effects upon their body as a result of their own violent energy.  Heart trouble?

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