Within The Observer Effect Series we have been exploring topics of how the power of ones mind and what we think can have a direct affect on the outcome of what we are
observing and interacting with based on our thoughts and expectations. This month we will explore how The Observer Effect principles can affect the nutritional
qualities of our food for better and for worse.  We have so many Issues facing the quality of our food and water nowadays from pesticides and herbicides, water quality to GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).
Conventional farming has also depleted the topsoil where the great majority of minerals are contained. The fruits and vegetables grown in that soil no longer contain as much
nutrition as they used to because of the denatured soil. Add to this pesticides and herbicides that are absorbed by the plants, scientifically alterations of the plants DNA in
GMO’s and we have very little health quality available in our food supply. These are among a few of the many arguments for organic farming, GMO free food and
organic food.
But in our ever increasingly busy lives our diet for many is often compromised due to lack of time for quality shopping, prepping, cooking. Of course add to that the cost of
eating organic is not cheap, so many people forgo buying organic when feeding their family.
In an ideal world we would eat the highest quality organic food prepared thoughtfully but more often than not our busy lives divert us from our ideals. There are times when we have to eat at restaurants, on the run or at friends and family who don’t buy the same quality of food we would ideally prefer. Often people who are diligent about their dietary intake are resigned to traveling with their own food to events or choosing to go without.
In Masaru Emoto’s book The True Power of Water he has incredible pictures of how water when exposed to positive words and classical music form beautiful crystalline
structures where none had existed before. In another experiment he showed the effects on on food when exposed to words coupled with the corresponding emotions. He had
several hundred households in Japan participate in his experiment. Cooked rice was sealed in two different glass jars and then people were instructed to say “thank you” to
one and “you fool” to the other. At the end of one month the jar of rice that was thanked showed very little decay. The jar that was yelled at showed significantly greater signs of
decay. This is an incredible example of how words and the feelings associated with words can majorly affect the natural biological processes.
Consider as well that the human body is made up of approximately 80% water. What we say to ourselves and what is said to us effects more than just our emotional state, it can
quite literally effect our cellular health! have personally conducted tests in my own home using Emoto’s methods of programming water for health and wellbeing. I placed reverse osmosis water in a glass decanter with the words “love and gratitude” written on the bottle. I would then place water in an unmarked glass bottle for same length of time. After 12hrs I would then
conduct blind taste tests for friends and family. Every time people would choose the “love” water for better quality of taste, stating it tasted sweeter and had a softer feel! Ahhh love, how sweet it is indeed!
These are only two examples of many that show how thoughts, feelings and words can change the energetic and biological structures of food and water.  Inspired by the findings of these experiments I started to conduct my own experiments by applying The Observer Effect principles and testing with kinesiology also known as muscle testing as well as radionics using a pendulum. With a pendulum I would chart the nutrient content as it related to my body’s needs. I would then muscle test with a food for compatibility. In the next step I would bless this food, thank it and intend that its benefits be amplified while non beneficial aspects be neutralized. Then retest with the same item.
 Energizing Your Food and Water with "The Observer Effect" Principles
The results were astonishing! Muscle testing and pendulum both showed enhanced compatibility! But more impressively was how I felt after eating mentally energized
charged food and water. Food tasted better and my body felt more energized and less reactive to certain ingredients. I even tried out food items I normally avoid because I
know my body doesn’t like them. I would have an entirely different reaction once I had blessed and energized it with the power of intent! No digestive stress or bloating etc.
Quite literally you are changing the quality of your food with the power of thought to be more biocompatible!
I have tested water after programming with words of “love & gratitude” and after just mentally intending that it be energized with health with litmus paper to determine ph of
the water before and after. Even tap water which runs on the acidic side shifted up the ph scale to be more alkaline just with the power of thought! So now we can scientifically look at the ritual of blessing ones food with prayers of thanks from a whole different point of view! Not only is good to be in a state of gratitude and thankful for the bounty that the Earth has provided us but we are at the same time increasing the health benefits for us! You can call it the power of prayer or the power of intent, either way you can now consciously create more nutrients and biocompatibility while neutralizing unwanted components of what you eat! So when you are eating its almost more important of what you think about the food you are consuming than what you are actually eating!
This is not to say that we should live on junk food and tell ourselves it’s good for us but to be mindful of our thoughts of what we are eating and be more mindful when eating.he next phase of this that comes into play is the power of the mind over the body and the body’s needs. You will eventually build the ability to mentally synthesizing nutritional
and hydration requirements!
I have experimented with this myself when in sessions. Sometimes my session work will take up to 6hrs nonstop with one person. I will be anywhere from 6-8 hrs without eating
and drinking, at that point will feel my blood sugar dropping. I simply mentally say “synthesize nutritional needs now” and immediately feel a shift of energy, hunger pangs
dissipate and blood sugar stabilizes!
I shared this with my mother who is still hiking the hills of Northern California at the age of 70! She was in a long hike without her water bottle and started to feel dehydrated.
She used the principles I had shared with her and she said “synthesize hydration.” She said immediately her mouth became moist and she was sustained until she made it
back to her car for water! She was beyond amazed and thrilled! So we are not only what we eat but more importantly we are what we THINK. The statement of “Mind over matter” can truly transform your life when you apply The Observer Effect principles and the power of intent! Next month we will explore how by acting locally and THINKING globally using The Observer Effect and the power of intent can increase peace and harmony in your home and the world at large!

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