Here’s a serious question: why do you do what you do?

Have you ever stopped for a moment, and thought deeply about why you perform certain behaviors – sometimes to the exclusion of others?

Do you ever stop to correlate your behaviors – and the types of results you’re getting in life?

How does the very idea of questioning that make you feel?

Our personal feelings in the moment tend to color (bias) our interpretation of what’s actually going on.

Were we to “snap out of our funk” and regain focus, we’d begin to see things as they truly are.

Our behavior at any given moment is very dependent on how we “feel right now”.

How we “feel right now” is directly related to which “lens” we’re currently filtering our perceptions through.

What it all comes down to is: what “lens” are you consciously (or unconsciously) filtering your interpretation (perception) of external reality through?

On the other side of this question are the keys to your own self-empowerment!


Which “Lens” Are You Viewing Reality Through?

Our personal interpretation (perception) of reality – and what reality actually IS – are two different things.

Here, we’re going to define reality as that which actually happens/is happening.

Nothing more.

Not “What MIGHT happen IF…”.

Reality is that which actually occurs in the present moment – regardless of your personal thoughts, beliefs, and feelings ABOUT it.

The present moment is the most important place to focus our consciousness, because it’s where our true power lies.

Unfortunately, we humans easily succumb to distraction. Our mood is quite often detached from what’s happening around us.

We may judge strangers or situations upon first impression, and allow this initial impression to “color our lens” of perception for the moment.

Upon talking to such people, or closely inspecting such situations, we often find our anxiety to be displaced and incorrect.

It’s only when “the reality of the situation” is investigated by you that you can truly decide how to think, feel, and behave about it!

Stop Being Prejudice with Your Lenses!

What do lousy moods and perceptions create? Lousy behaviors.

What do lousy behaviors create? Lousy results and realities for those participating!

The problem isn’t so much being in a lousy mood or having an off day.

The problem is, we often prejudge things and adopt a lens unconsciously!

We often don’t even stop to ask ourselves “Why do I feel this way right NOW?”.

Even just asking that question alone raises your consciousness to the situation.

This is the first step to overturning subpar habits, and transforming them into grand slam disciplines.

At this level, one enters an entirely new arena of personal responsibility.


Conscious Awareness is a Personal Responsibility

Responsibility is almost a dirty word. When discussed in social settings (and even on social media), it tends to carry a somewhat insecure tone. We often avoid discussing responsibility, because people get defensive. Nobody likes to feel like they aren’t doing “good enough” for themselves in life.

We don’t like being guided toward improvement, because this indirectly means that we’re inadequate on some level.

Notice how this is a prime example of “lens coloring”; we unconsciously adopt a lens when merely discussing a concept!

Your consciousness is very, very powerful.

The first step to accepting full responsibility for lagging areas in your life is to start tracking where you already are.

Start measuring everything from the time you wake up each day, to when you eat your meals, to what you’re eating, to your behavior with other people in public.

Start becoming gradually more conscious of your current behaviors. It’s not until we accept where we are that we can truly and intelligently formulate a plan for moving forward.

Your current behaviors, when tracked, will show you what sorts of lenses you’re using.

Tracking your current results is the first true step to accepting responsibility, because it gives you the power to change lenses.

You’re consciously accepting that this is happening NOW (reality).

This is true empowerment! Enjoy, revel, and remember the feeling associated with your empowerment.

Metaphysically speaking, you’re going to notice how “oddly coincidental” things become when you calibrate to that particular “lens”.

This another example of responsibility creating more freedom with time. With a more focused discipline of consciousness control, you’re granted more freedom and autonomy than those who don’t understand (or are ignorant of) the above concepts.

Consciously choosing your lenses of perception, trusting your intuition, and formulating an intelligent strategy from that point outward, is a sure-fire way to begin making incredible progress in all areas of your life.

Question your current lenses – and always seek to improve them – consciously!


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