The subconscious mind is creative! It follows the natural law and in so doing creates experiences in your life that are the direct result of your predominate thinking. Not every thought is creative but your predominate thoughts make up a mental atmosphere that is creative. Therefore your experiences in your life depend upon your method of thinking.

According to Charles Haanel, “This is true because we must ‘be’ before we can “do,” and we can ‘do’ only to the extent which we ‘are,’ and what we ‘are’ depends upon what we ‘think.’” You will not be able to use this power until you are aware it and you must realize, first, that the power lies in your inner world. This inner world is composed of thought, feeling, imagination and power.

Now you know this power is within you! The next step is recognition that your conscious mind governs your creative power, the subconscious mind, and your subconscious creates your outer experiences. When you discover your inner world you will find the solution for every problem, the cause of every effect; and since the world within is subject to your control, all laws of power are also within our control.

Let’s be very clear. Your ability to create is not in question. You have created your life up to now and your subconscious mind will continue to do so. The question is one of control. What is outside in the objective world is a reflection of your predominate subconscious thought patterns or mental atmosphere. What you experience in the outer is what has been found within in the subconscious thoughts. Within you are infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, and infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for development and expression.  If you recognize these potentialities in the world within you they will take form in the outer world.

A predominate thought atmosphere of harmonious relationships will be reflected in your experiences through harmonious relationships. Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for yourself how any experience is to affect you. Harmony inside results in optimism and affluence; affluence within results in affluence without.

The world without reflects the circumstances and the conditions of the consciousness within.

When you discover wisdom within, you shall have the understanding to discern the marvelous possibilities that are latent in this world within, and shall be given the power to make these possibilities manifest in the world.

As we become conscious of the wisdom in the world within, we mentally take possession of this wisdom, and by taking mental procession we come into actual possession of the power of wisdom necessary to bring into manifestation the essentials necessary for our most complete and harmonious development.

The world within is the practical world in which the men and women of power generate courage, hope, enthusiasm, confidence, trust and faith, by which they are given the fine intelligence to see the vision and the practical skills to make the vision real.

All is based on consciousness.  All gain is the result of an accumulative consciousness.  All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.

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