We have all stood at the bottom, maybe even rock bottom, and gazed up at the mountain rising skyward before us. As its shadow is cast upon us the possibility of reaching the peak may seem overwhelming, impossible even, and while some of us wallow in the valleys others thrive at the thought of the journey. The segregating difference–Mindset!

Refuse to be held down by overwhelming thoughts & eliminate phrases from your vocabulary such as “I can’t” and replace them with “I will”. When your goal, your purpose, is defined, use it as the driving force to be placed at the top of that mountain but never as the daily focus. Place your everyday attention on each step upward and know that today you will achieve and tomorrow you will gain additional ground as well. Use your strength and revel in your victories, no matter how small.

Your climb will inevitably steepen and the expedition eventually more treacherous. Your improved personal value, attained from a daily commitment to ascension, will ensure your journey will continue. doubters they’ll be there from the beginning of your journey reminding you that the road is long and the odds aren’t good. It is here that one must remember that no great man or woman abandoned their journey due to the odds. Their persistence & determination to beat those odds is precisely what made their journey great and their success greater still. It is you, great man or woman, who must prove that even bad odds can be beaten–the time is now to persevere & increase personal momentum!

Use the doubt received from others as kindling to fuel your internal fires and keep your desire for success stoked. Your perspective in moving forward will determine the speed at which you will travel and your honesty, genuine nature, & authenticity will become important assets. We don’t have all the answers and we should never claim we do. Surround yourself with others that can assist you in your climb and take in their suggestions when they are willing to share. Plead your ignorance, illuminate your needs, and learn your lessons. Apply what you have learned, be kind in your acknowledgement of others contribution to your life, and be genuine in your offers to return the favor where possible.

If, from the beginning, you are willing to alter your vocabulary to become positively actionable, celebrate your victories, use others doubts as fuel, admit you don’t have all the answers, and stand regardless of the number of times you’re knocked down–you will be adequately prepared to set forth on what will become a successful journey. Now is the time to use your assets, expose your greatness, and live up to your dreams.


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