We all would like a more empowered life in alignment with our soul’s desires and values. The Empowering Team recommends the exercises—empowered tools—that can help you know your life vision. Author and inspirational teacher Laurence De Rusha also clarifies the difference between vision and visualization.

Life Vision is not the ability to define a specific job in a specific industry at a specific company with a specific family, location, etc. That may be a career goal or life goals but not a vision.

A Life Vision is an idea (an image) and understanding of what you like and do not like and general guidelines or values (and images) for the life you want to lead in work and your personal life. Some people have consciously developed their life vision. For others, it may be unconscious or intuitive. If you’re reading this article, you likely have some interest in making a Life Vision a more conscious part of your life.

These two techniques can help you know your Life Vision: visualization and visioning.


The process of visualization includes depositing images of the life you want to live in your mind, important because they influence your subconscious mind. The images in your Life Vision will reflect your values, beliefs and desires about different areas of your life: culture, environment, activities, expertise, experiences, people, family, friendships, community, relationships, and possessions. Be vigilant that you are creating your Life Vision not what others say.

Try this exercise for visualizing your Life Vision.

  1. Sit quietly in a place where it is comfortable. This place should be relatively dark and quiet so your senses will not easily engage in the outer world. Then, as you are sitting, take a deep breath and let out all the air.
  2. Now breathe normally and close your eyes. Allow your awareness to focus on your breath. If your mind is busy thinking of all kinds of things, you may want to chant—use the word “relax.” Repeat this until your mind is quiet and you are breathing steady.
  3. Next, imagine yourself at the end of your life and recall all the things you wanted to be and do in your life.
  4. Imagine all of the details, summarized, if you will, in a still picture. Look around in your mind’s-eye picture and notice the detail, the who, what, when and where of the picture.
  5. Next, imagine yourself in a movie theater, sitting and watching the screen with a large version of your still picture.
  6. Now begin running a color movie of your life from now to the point in time of the still picture. Include all the people, places, jobs, careers, etc., as you travel through time during this movie. The movie is in color and you can hear the sounds and see it unfold and see yourself on the screen in the movie.
  7. When you are done with the movie, rewind it back to the start, perhaps to today.
  8. Now play the movie again and notice how you feel as you watch the movie. Make changes as you want. When you feel, you have a feeling not just the concept of the feeling, move to the next step.
  9. Run the movie start to finish and notice what the you who is sitting there feels like as you watch the movie.
  10. Play it several times.
  11. Now, float yourself from your seat into the you on the screen; this time, experience the movie as real life.

By combining what you see and hear with what you feel in your imagination, you present to the subconscious mind a mold into which the universe pours creation. Being able to imagine what it is you want to create is obviously a necessary part of conscious creation. You may want to practice this process several times.

There are two cautions. If you have doubt about the movie, ask yourself why. Perhaps it needs to be changed in some way. The more doubt, the less likely the creation will take place.

The second caution is to not expect a time frame. It will happen whenever you have fully accepted your desire as true in your life. The time it takes to clear your doubts is the amount of time that will pass before you experience what you wish to create. Practice this process daily to chip away at your resistance to having what you desire.


Unlike visualization, visioning is a function of the intuitive mind. It allows you to tap into your higher Self and “know” your future.

Visioning consists of sitting in the silence of meditation and allowing yourself (ego) to dissolve into the something beyond the conscious mind and beyond the “local story”<

The first time I sat in a quiet place to vision I sat for three hours. This gave me time to quiet my conscious mind and move into the silence. However, it may take you only ten minutes. Some people take longer and some less time. After some time I saw parts of a movie playing. The overall theme seemed to be that I was helping people find deeper meaning in their lives, and I was using my intuition to open people to their own vision.

After several times of sitting and doing the process, if you haven’t captured your Life Vision, begin by taking this question into meditation: “What is the highest good that I can allow to come through me?” This question can open the door as you move into a deeper, more relaxed meditative state. If the vision doesn’t come the first time you sit, try again. It may take several sittings, as few of us have cultivated our intuitive powers. You will be rewarded for your persistence.

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