Sounds True: Okay, so let’s say you follow the steps of the Life Visioning Process—and you think you receive a vision. How do you know if it’s actually coming from what you call the Love-Beauty-Intelligence governing the universe—and not from our social conditioning or the ego?

Michael Bernard Beckwith: This is exactly where the rubber meets the road. Most people really don’t know what they want. They’ve been influenced by commercials, the society in which they live, and what they want is often determined by the parental fantasies, societal fantasies, educational fantasies, and their real gift that’s trying to emerge within them goes unnoticed and undiscovered.

But with the practice, after a while you’re able to discern the ego’s desires and the way we’ve been enculturated. Through a dedicated vision process steeped in meditation, you’re able to get little feeling tones and openings and often times you notice that these are the same feelings and openings and insights you had as a child, before society “took you over.” You notice certain images and visions that you had when you were young, before you were enculturated, that begin to come back to you, but they come back to you in the consciousness of a much more mature being. That’s one way of determining; you notice that you’re coming back to something that was already there but had been covered up.

As this vision emerges, it carries with it an activation of your potential, of the gifts, talents and skills you are on the planet to deliver. You’re becoming more yourself and you’re giving a gift. In the Life Visioning Process, whether for a business or an individual, a vision that comes from the intuitive dimension of the Higher Self (whatever you wish to call it) serves the highest interests of all concerned. A person is not going to have a vision from the Higher Self that’s selfish and just for them. It’s always going to benefit others, even though it’s activating your own potential.

The key point, however, is that you only become sensitive to this realm through practice.

Sounds True: The sensitivity that you speak of brings to mind another pointer you offer: “Listen with the ear behind the ear.” Which means—?

Michael Bernard Beckwith: It means that the physical senses are extensions of spiritual senses. You do not see because you have eyes; you have eyes because you see. Form follows consciousness. There had to be something within us as spiritual beings that sees and hears which then produced the mechanisms in the body temple called the eyes and the ears. In the Vision Process, we’re returning to the state of consciousness that preceded the birth of the physical senses. That’s the ear behind the ear, the eye behind the eye.


Ultimately you’re developing the faculties to see the invisible, to hear the inaudible, to know the inconceivable, to enter the realm of the indescribable—the spiritual realm. Most people are using up so much of their energy to deal with that which they can see and touch and smell and hear, which is the smallest part of reality. The largest part of reality is invisible. And so the implicate order is much more vast than that which you can see. And with Life Visioning, you’re learning how to go into that realm, how to be a part of that which we call synchronicity, or that which coincides. You’re going into that realm and seeing in that dimension—not with your eyesight, but with your insight—and participating at that level which makes you much more substantial, much more powerful.

All of the great geniuses and inventors and innovators, they’ve tapped into something from the invisible level and then brought it into the realm of manifestation. They’re not dealing with just what you can see. The power is emerging from what you can’t see. That’s the source of the power.

Sounds True: If we can go back to something you said earlier in that response—the phrase “form follows consciousness.” How does this relate to a point you repeatedly make on Life Visioning—“you cannot have anything you’re not willing to become in consciousness”?

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