04 Apr 2013

by Christy Whitman

All creation begins with a vision.

It begins by seeing – literally or symbolically – some greater possibility for your life than you previously believed was possible. Whether it comes about as an idea, inkling, a glimpse, or a three-dimensional Technicolor picture you see in your mind’s eye – vision is what makes change possible. It’s what opens up the potential to create a new future, and gives us the inspiration to keep moving forward in that future.

Visualization is a popular technique for creating something new – be it a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of relating to someone who is in our lives already.

However, there is also a common misconception about visualization that, as a coach, I’ve encountered time and time again and would like to dispel once and for all: It is not necessary to conjure up a detailed image of your desired future in order to create it. In fact, going about it this way can actually be counter-productive because it places limits on the creative process. Let me give you an example.

If what you desire is more abundance and you conclude that the fastest way to attract it is to receive a raise at work, you might go about visualizing your boss giving you a pay raise.  Now, you may very well find that your next pay raise comes faster or easier than expected, but in the process of envisioning this specific result so clearly, you have narrowed your focus to include only one of about a million ways that the Universe can deliver you the experience of being abundant.

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